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At the Studio Tomorrow

On Saturday (March 18) I’ll be out at the studio in Alpena, from 9 to 4. We’re having a planning meeting with the community and interested vendors until noon. I’ll work on my booth display while I’m there, too. I’ll bring some inventory to keep there so I don’t have to haul it back and forth every weekend. My Thirsty Raven is still wet, so I won’t be bringing it in just yet. But I’ll fit as many of the other originals I have on hand into the truck to bring, and all of the prints and notecards currently available.

That doesn’t mean it’ll be a presentable presentation of goods, yet. Just that at least I’m making progress toward moving things over there. It may be too chilly to do much anyway, unless I bring some firewood to start that big wood-burner. Maybe just a little fire would help.

gigantic wood stove we'll probably never use.
Gigantic wood stove

Local to Alpena?

If you’re close enough to stop by, please do. I’ll have vendor applications for the rest of the space inside. We want to have a farmer’s and artist’s market on Saturdays. There will be space inside for permanent booths and space inside and outside for pop-up vendors.

Studio Hours

As for my studio hours, I plan to be there on Saturdays (with an exception coming up on April 15), and some Fridays. Maybe during tourist season I’ll be there Fri-Sat-Sun. I haven’t decided yet. It’s a bit of a drive and I don’t want to spend the gas and wear and tear on the vehicle if there won’t be enough business to support it. But if I’m not there, then it fairly guarantees I won’t get business. So I’m undecided. Here’s the dates I am decided on:

Wild Ozark studio hours.

History of our building

Wild Ozark Studio will be inside the new Alpena Mercantile in Alpena, AR.
The old building, across the street view.

I learned recently that before the building housed a lawnmower/small engine repair shop, it was a grain mill. That was the original function. On the left hand side of the building is where the mill was located. There are still old parts inside. Eventually, I’d like to clean out that entire side and move my studio into there. But it’s going to take a long long while. It’s full of junk and the floors are dirt. Before I can use it, I’d have to seal the dirt floors and get all the stuff moved out.

The reason the fronts of the buildings on that whole stretch of the street are so high is because a train once ran through. Alpena was a stop. So all of that high elevation was to make it easy to load/unload goods and passengers. I think it would be pretty awesome if there was still a passenger train that came there.



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