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Welcome! Madison Woods is my pen-name. I’m a rock-smashing, paint-making nature artist in Arkansas. My real name is Roxann Riedel, and aside from being a nature-loving artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty.

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Nothing Much

I haven’t blogged regularly in a long time. It is so much more labor intensive to do a “good” blog post that I just haven’t had the spare time to do it.

But I miss the more journal-y kind of blogging I used to do. Maybe you do too. At any rate, here’s one of those posts, about what I did today. A ‘good post’ requires topic headings and some sort of focus. Haha. This is a rambler that won’t do well in the Google sphere, I’m sure. But it doesn’t need to.

The day’s schedule got thrown up in the air when I set up the coffee pot last night for this morning’s brew. That’s when I realized that I’d bought decaffeinated coffee the last time I went grocery shopping. Most of the time I use our home-roasted beans, but for the past several months I’ve been busy and the weather has been unpleasant, so I’ve been buying already roasted grounds.

So this morning, after I drank a few cups of the half-and-half coffee (I still had a little bit in the bag of real coffee, so dusted as much of that out as I could), I roasted fresh coffee. What’s the point of drinking coffee with no caffeine? Besides, I have an order to fill for a spring pound of fresh roast, so in effect, I killed two birds with one stone.

Before roasting the beans there were other things that needed doing. I had an Etsy sale of one of the paint sets overnight, so I boxed that up and got it ready to go. Yay! First time to Australia! And then someone emailed to express interest in buying my Fox No. 1 painting that’s hanging over at the Faulkner Center for Performing Arts in Fayetteville, so I made a reply to that. I tried real hard to sound professional and not all overly excited about it. I think I did alright.

I know I did a lot more things this morning, but now, just because I’m trying to figure out how it got to be 4 p.m. already, I can’t think of much. Oh, yes.

After roasting the coffee I went to the post office to bring the packages that needed to go out in the mail, then I went on to Huntsville to get a few groceries and some horse feed. The round trip took about three hours. I have a post from a few summers ago about how long it takes me to get to town and back, and why. But this time I just went straight there and straight back, without all the usual rodaying I normally might have done.

That word, rodaying, is not the way it is spelled, but that’s how it sounds. The root verb is Cajun French: Rôder, and it means to wander around… my preferred way of getting places 😁

On the way back in through the gate the cute little screech owl was sitting in her tree-hole again. This time she had her eyes wide open, watching me. But of course I didn’t have the camera capable of getting a good picture of her. I am calling it a ‘her’ and have no idea if that’s the case, but I think I can see a nest in the hole when she’s not blocking the view.

Now I’m getting ready to start up the tractor and move a bale of hay over to the horses. We don’t have a hay spike so I use a chain on some hooks Rob welded onto the loader bucket. I wrote a post about that a few years ago.

How did your day go? Does it tend to slip away and leave you wondering what you did the whole time?

8N Ford Tractor under the sunbeams.
Not the tractor I used, but I just love this old one so it’s the photo of the day for this post 🙂

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