Wild Ozark Nature Journal

This is where you’ll find all of my nature drawings and sketches. Some are of plants and are directly related to nature, and some are images from my imagination and influenced by my relationship to nature.

Some may be scenes or characters from my fiction stories, and these stories are always influenced by nature, too.


"Ginseng in May", 8" x 10", signed/numbered print.
“Ginseng in May”, 8″ x 10″, signed/numbered print.
Ginseng in October by Madison Woods. Prints available.
Ginseng in October by Madison Woods. Prints available.
Dragonblood by Madison Woods, in progress.
Dragonblood tree, in progress.
Slug on Poison Ivy nature drawing by Madison Woods.
Slug on Poison Ivy
"Water Priestess" by Madison Woods, rural fantasy artist.
The second drawing in my “Rural Fantasy” series is “Water Priestess”.
“Tree Priestess”, the first in the Rural Fantasy series I’m working on.

I have a Kindle ebook with the nature journal sketches from 2015. It’s available from Amazon. Eventually I’ll post them here but I just haven’t had the time to do it yet.