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Coffeetime at Wild Ozark | A collection

Here’s a collection of paintings to celebrate coffeetime and delight the coffee lovers. Coffee with donut, coffee with beignets, a quiet coffee sipping spot, favorite mug, a somewhat unconventional way to drink coffee, and last but not least, coffee with bourbon.

They’re all available in my new online shop, and I’ll have them with me as long as they’re available whenever I do in person events.

The Coffeetime Paintings

Each of these are available in original, NFT, prints, and notecards. All but the first (My Favorite Mug) are on handmade paper.

Where to See the Paintings

They’re all available in my new online shop, and I’ll have them with me on April 30 at the NWA Maker’s Market at the Mt. Sequoia Center in Fayetteville from 10-4pm.

I’ll have these with me at the NWA Maker’s show on April 30 at the Mount Sequoia center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Or, if you’ll email me to set up an appointment, I can meet you at the Kingston square in the tiny little town of Kingston, in northwest AR.

You can read my post introducing the concept of NFTs here.

The Coffeetime Collection Prices

Prices vary by size. See the listings at shop.wildozark.com for more information on prices.

Where to Find the Coffeetime NFTs

Each of these have an NFT paired with them. If you buy an original, you are given the option to also take the NFT. It doesn’t cost anything extra for the crypto-version. If you don’t have a Solana wallet, I’d be happy to help you get one set up so I can transfer the NFT’s to you. Setting up a wallet is also free.

I use the Solana blockchain because it is friendlier to the environment than Ethereum. You can find my NFT artwork at Exchange.art. The coffeetime collection is here: https://exchange.art/collections/Coffeetime%20at%20Wild%20Ozark/nfts



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