Mission: Connecting people to Nature
Kingston, Arkansas. Where I paint with Ozark pigments … and talk to rocks, creeks, and trees.
Madison Woods for art, Roxann Riedel for real estate (soon!) Two names, same person. Just call me “Mad Rox”.

Contact info: madison@wildozark.com or text/call (479) 409-3429

An Imaginary Creek-side Scene

An Imaginary Creek-side Scene




River cane arching over the creek from the opposite shore, sycamore trees on the nearside. A path for nature-lovers and wildlife meanders over the roots. This is the foundation for my imaginary creek-side scene.

When I finished the Twisted Tree painting this past Saturday, there was brown (magnetite) paint left on my palette. Given the work it takes to make a tube of paint, wasting any at all is painful. So I used the dab of magnetite to make the underpainting for a new scene.

ETA for an imaginary creek-side

I’m not sure how long it will take me to finish this one. Holidays are coming up and we’re traveling out of state in early December. But as I get a chance I’ll add more to it over the next several weeks.

In the meantime, while it’s still on the easel, there’s a discount for pre-purchases. If you don’t like it when I’m finished, it’s refundable (minus credit card processor fees, which can be avoided by paying with a check).


As I get more done on my imaginary creekside, I’ll add update photos here. So stay tuned!

First and foremost, apart from being an artist and author, Madison is a nature enthusiast. She enjoys using local resources in every aspect of her life and considers the land she and her husband live on as partners in life. They care for the land and the land cares for them. She’s an herbalist, gardener, and wildcrafter of medicinal plants.



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