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Rewind: Between Autumn and Winter: A Liminal Space

We’re in a holding pattern at Wild Ozark right now, which is in its own way a sort of liminal space. Rob has two hernias and we’re waiting for the surgeon’s office to call with his appointment day/time. So while he limits his movements to the barest possible, I’m staying nearby to fetch things so …

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About Madison Woods

Hi, I’m Madison Woods, the nature and wildlife artist of Wild Ozark. Click HERE to learn more specifically about my watercolor journey. Read on below for more general information. What kinds of things does a person want to know about me? Is that my real name? No. I began using that name as a business …

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What is NFT art?

I’ve finally listed an NFT artwork for sale. What is an NFT art, you ask? Now that I’ve been wandering around in that strange world for a little while, maybe I can try to shed some light on the whole, confusing topic. Before I get to explaining, I want to show you my first one …

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Showy Orchis (Galearis spectabilis) in Ozark pigments

Originally, I had planned to do a series of my favorite woodland plants in grayscale. But that was before I found the stone that gives me a sort of green pigment. So changed up the plans a little. Now I’m doing a series of our orchids in my full palette of pigments. First is this …

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Still the Mind to See and Hear

Nature Journal | Still the Mind to See and Hear

Summary: Still the mind to see and hear things you ordinarily wouldn’t notice. My walking meditation helps settle the audio-visual chatter. 9/17/20 Thursday | Today I stopped at the creek to gather a few rocks. Before that I’d spent the mid-morning hours pulling PDF’s of my old blogs so I can keep them in the …

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Creating an Artist Statement for a Painting

So I’ve been applying to various shows and exhibits since I finally have more than a few paintings I can enter. Most of the application process is straightforward – name of the work, name of the artist, price, medium, size, etc. But there’s one blank I encounter that really gives me grief. The artist statement. …

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Forest Folk of Wild Ozark – Twig People Folk Art

They go by various names: little people, twig people, fairy folk, wee folk, or woodland creatures. Forest Folk. Are they just imagination, or does a whole society of little people live on the fringes of human comprehension? Update For immediate release on 01/14/22: While the Forest Folk have gone extinct, there is a new species evolving in …

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Connection to Nature – How to Find and Rebuild Your Relationship

Why build a connection to nature? It doesn’t matter where you live. Having a connection to nature is important for your health. How Much Nature Do I Need? As much as you can get! But also be ready to take whatever you can get. Even stolen moments. Whether that connection is the full immersion of …

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Tall Thimbleweed (Anemone virginiana)

Thimbleweed is a graceful, interesting native Ozark plant that grows along forest edges (also native to many other areas of the eastern United States). It is most often found in the dappled shade of liminal spaces between forest and clearing. Before sending up flower stalks, the plant is only about a foot tall. The long …

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End of Autumn and Letting Go of Clutter

The principle of letting go of that which no longer serves is worth looking at. For me, the end of autumn is a great time of year to do it because it matches my mood already. This year the process will be focused on my office clutter.

PawPaw Flower Bud

The PawPaw tree is a ginseng companion plant, or ginseng indicator plant. It often grows where ginseng grows, but is also often found in areas with more sunlight. Here at Wild Ozark it is a fairly good indicator of great ginseng habitat, but it also grows prolifically on the edge between forest and field, marking …

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Random Nature Connection

With the Winter Solstice 2014 I began a blog meme I called “Random Nature Connection”. Here are the posts I wrote during that period.   The Random Nature Connection posts:   1rst Friday – water (photo of water dripping) 2nd Friday – planning ahead (photo of sunset) 3rd Friday – resistance to change (photo of …

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