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With the Winter Solstice 2014 I began a blog meme I called “Random Nature Connection”.

Here are the posts I wrote during that period.


The Random Nature Connection posts:

photo of faucet dripping photo of sunset in winter in the ozarks ice lifting rock farkleberry old ford tractor Thimbleweed flowers Random Nature Connection photo prompt - fiery sunset in the ozarks


  • 1rst Friday – water (photo of water dripping)
  • 2nd Friday – planning ahead (photo of sunset)
  • 3rd Friday – resistance to change (photo of ice shard lifting rock)
  • 4th Friday – abundance (photo of farkleberry)
  • 5th Friday – force to be reckoned with (photo of tractor)
  • 6th Friday – liminal spaces (photo of thimbleweed)
  • 7th Friday– irons in the fire (photo of fiery sunset)

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