Forest Folk of Wild Ozark – a.k.a. Twig People, Fairy Folk, Pixies, etc.

Everywhere I go in the forests, I see the little forest folk. Oh, I never see them up close and personal. They’re always slipping around ahead or behind, just outside my peripheral vision so I can never get a good look.

They go by various names: little people, twig people, fairy folk, wee folk, or woodland creatures. Are they just imagination, or does a whole society of little people live on the fringes of human comprehension?

Making Acorn Folk is justifying my desire for collecting things.Well,  I’m sure they exist. At least in my mind. So I’ve decided to start crafting twig people to life and call them my Forest Folk. First I started with the acorns and oak twigs, along with bits and pieces of other botanical items.

Here’s where you can see all the photos of the ones I’ve made so far.

I’ve made a whole society of Acorn Folk, and am now getting ready to start on the others. The next ones I want to work on are the Elemental Folk.  I’ll write more about it later when I’ve made a few.

What are Forest Folk?

Forest Folk are one type of Nature Being of the non-ordinary (from the human perspective) natural world.

Reading Acorn Folk Man in a Chair
Reading Acorn Folk Man in a Chair

To the unbeliever, Forest Folk are those fantasy human-like creatures that live within the words and between pages of books.

Believers, on the other hand, think it is the folly and arrogance of man to believe that we humans are the only high-intelligence, thinking, speaking, and communicating creatures on earth.

Quite the contrary. There are entire civilizations and societies of other forms of life on earth who think and act like humans in many ways. It’s just that these life forms have the uncanny ability to avoid humans when they want to.

Or perhaps it is that humans have proven themselves over the short span of time we’ve existed that we aren’t trustworthy.

Fairies, gnomes, dwarves, elves, pixies, trolls and sprites name a few of the more well-known types of Forest Folk.

Acorn and hickory folk are two of the local species here at Wild Ozark. I’ve only recently become acquainted with the Acorn Folk and have yet to meet a Hickory Folk.

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Are Plant Devas or Plant Spirits Forest Folk?

Plant devas do dwell in forests, but they are a Spirit Being rather than a Forest Folk. While devas can and do assume a physical form in order to be seen, when they want to be seen, that is a temporary form for them.

Be sure to read the section below on other types of Folk.

Forest Folk are Physical

Forest Folk, on the other hand, can only assume temporary invisibility. They have a full-time corporeal existence but do from time to time like to invoke the privilege of all Forest Folk when it comes to avoiding predators and humans.

Some of them can alter physical attributes at will. Like height or girth. It is sometimes useful in the course of a Forest Folk day to need that extra girth to lower center of gravity and keep from rolling downhill while carrying a heavy load, for example. There are times when being exceptionally tiny are useful. Or vice-versa.


All Folk (ourselves included) are part of the natural world. There is nothing that is not natural world when you get right down to it.

All of the natural world operates according to the Laws of Nature.

However, like humans, the Folk have organized themselves into hierarchies, or it has simply occurred over the aeons as part of the natural process of sorting that goes on when two or more of any one kind of anything gets together.

Also like humans, some Folk are egotistical and place themselves in a more important light. Some are introverts, while others are extroverts to the point of inviting danger by interacting with humans when they shouldn’t.

The one thing I’ve noticed, though, is that it is only humans who think they can reign over or rein in Nature to make it behave according to will. This is completely opposite of how the Folk live in accordance with Nature’s laws.

Other Folk

For every terrain on or within earth, and extended to the rest of the terrains in the universe there are Folk. Here on earth you’ll find desert folk, plains folk, city folk, subterranean folk, volcanic folk, mountain folk, ocean, lake, pond, river, and creek folk.

Some of the distinctions between the various types of folk is small to undetectable except among themselves. They’re even further broken down in to vocational classifications – kitchen folk, gardening folk, and any other vocational kind of folk you can imagine.

There are Spirit Folk, Animal Folk, Elemental Folk, and other types of folk I probably can’t even conceive. The possibilities are as endless as the Universe itself.

Relations with Humans

Some people are able to see and interact with Folk.

I’m more attuned to the Forest Folk, because I live in a heavily forested place where Nature is alive and very present.

I know others who interact with Spirit Folk, and others to Animal Folk. These people also create art and crafts reflecting the various Folk they know.

Perhaps it is uniquely human nature to do this. I  know of no other species that creates art at all, let alone art to reflect what the mind sees and knows.

At the moment I am working on a line of Acorn Folk crafts. I sell my creations at the Wild Ozark farmers market booth and from my Etsy shop.

Eventually I’ll try to get some of the others I know to guest post here on the types of folk they most easily relate to. These relationships between humans and folk fascinate me.

Are you an Artist, Author or Crafter?

If you’ve read this far, the topic must surely be of interest to you, too. If you’re an artist, author, or crafter with works that fit this topic, let me know. I’d love to collaborate!

Reading Acorn Man is one of the Wild Ozark Forest Folk.
Reading Acorn Folk Man in a Chair

You can see more of them by clicking the photo to go to my Etsy shop or by visiting this post where I have more photos of the Acorn Folk I’ve made so far.

Was this Post Fact or Fiction?

Maybe both.

I’m a storyteller and artist, and things that exist in my mind don’t always exist in the minds of ordinary people. I think this is true for most creative people.

I’ve always operated with one foot in reality (as most people would define it) and the other foot somewhere else out there.

There’s no way to prove the existence of any of it. But I believe in a world of things that can’t be proven.

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