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Going to Grizzly: Woodworking Tools for the Future of Wild Ozark

So after a year of Rob working overseas to fund this goal of buying good woodworking tools, we took to the road today and headed to Springfield, MO. Destination? Grizzly.com.


A happy man at Grizzly.com looking at all the available fine woodworking tools.
A happy man in woodworker’s paradise.


Some of the items he wanted were out of stock. In fact, many of the items on display in the store carried ‘Out of Stock’ tags. What’s up with that?

Woodworking Tools on the List

  • 19″ band saw
  • Jointer
  • Dust collection system
  • On and Off feed rollers
  • Shaper
  • 20″ Planer

Checking Out and Loading Up

He was able to get most of the items on his wish list, except for the jointer and the feed rollers. We’ll go back for that when he’s done with his contract over in Doha.

Checking out.
Loading up.

Today we made an investment in the future product lines of Wild Ozark. Rob is a fine woodworker and he needs some better woodworking tools to take his art a bit farther.

It’ll be a while before he’s able to put the ones he bought to use, but at least now they’re safely stored in the shop waiting for the work to begin. I have a list of things I need made for Wild Ozark, and he has a list of things he wants to make as part of a new fine woodworking product line to sell.

Past Woodworking

He has one left of his keepsake boxes, but that’s about all that’s left of his previous work that’s for sale. I have some plaques he made from cedar that I’m using for the Paleo Go sets (not released yet), and some crates he made from cedar that I use in my market booth.

On my list of things for him to do there are paint palettes, frames, cabinets for prints and originals, and a lot more items. But he has in mind some projects of his own to do, too. Like waterfall tables and benches, more keepsake boxes, and a host of other ideas.


It’ll be after May 2020 before he’ll be able to get started, and once he does, I’ll post his projects alongside my own, here at the website. However, he does have a mailing list specific to notifications about his woodwork. If you’d like to sign up for that, click the button below. Keep in mind it’ll be a while before you hear from us on this list.

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