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1rst Series, Handcrafted Keepsake Boxes

$250.00 $250.00.

Purple heart and Chakte Kok

Only 5 in this series, all boxes signed/numbered and comes with Certificate of Authenticity and registration card for a limited lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

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Wood: Purple Heart and Chakte Kok

This is a genuine Wild Ozark Keepsake box, handcrafted by Robert Riedel.

The first series was completed on 25 May 2017, and comes with a full one year warranty to the original owner.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for one year. If the original owner is not happy with this product Wild Ozark will repair, replace, or refund the original purchase price, at its discretion, within one year of purchase.

Limited Edition Keepsake Boxes

This box is one of five. It is made from Chakte KoK, and Purple Heart wood. It is 100% hand made in the USA by a Veteran with pride.

Each box requires 38 individual precise cuts plus planning, gluing, joining, routing, and sanding.

Chakte KoK (Cosmocalyx spectabilis), also known as Red Heart, grows on the eastern coastline in Mexico all the way down to the bottom of Brazil reaching heights of 50 to 65 feet with trunks between one to one and a half feet in diameter.

Purple Heart (Peltogyne SPP.) also grows from Mexico to Southern Brazil reaching from 100 to 170 feet tall and trunks from 3 to 5 feet in diameter. It is extremely dense and water resistant.


Neither of these species of trees are listed as threatened. Both are susceptible to oxidation and ultraviolet light fading, as most woods are. This can be slowed using a water based UV coating but not stopped. It is a normal process of the wood and is not covered in the warranty.

Each box is signed, dated, and burned with the “Wild Ozark” trade mark. Each box is given a serial number, photographed, and recorded in a database and hard copy, by the maker, for future reference.

We hope you enjoy your Wild Ozark keepsake box.

Box and certificate, signed and numbered.
Box and certificate, signed and numbered.

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