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an image saying "hello 2022". My word of the year is 'unstoppable'

Unstoppable | Word of the Year | Goals for 2022

My personal life and business life has no boundaries between each other. So my goals for 2022 are equally blended. My ‘word of the year‘ applies to both, as well: unstoppable.

Blog More Often – be unstoppable

And care less about SEO. I blog less than I used to because I take too much time to make a post. But I used to just write whatever was on my mind that day, musings about life out here in the wild Ozarks. When I look back at old posts, I miss that. So I’m going to just start writing posts and not try to get all perfectionist with it.

Goal: write more musings type posts

Finish my Book

And maybe start a new one. But first I have to finish the one I’m working on – the third book in my uncategorizable-at-Amazon trilogy. It’s not quite fantasy, not quite science fiction, not quite urban fantasy. I’m not sure what it could be called, a blend of all kinds of fictional elements I like. Because of that, it’s not very marketable, but I want to finish it all the same.

Writing has been one area in my life since 2013 or so where it’s been the opposite of unstoppable. For 2022 I want to get back on a roll with writing, whether it’s on my book or on this blog.

Goal: finish my current book in progress

Make Paint & Paintings

This is not hard for me to strive towards. What’s hard is *not* doing it. So if I do a good job of improving my organization this year, maybe I’ll have more time to devote to just making paint and painting.

Goal: Paint at least 12 paintings. This is likely to remain the constant goal, because I don’t want to feel pressured to produce. I’d rather spend as much time as I’d like during the creation of each painting. I’d also like to paint a variety of smaller and larger canvases this year, because it helps to have price points across the spectrum.

Image shows broken rocks. May 2022 be an Unstoppable year - only in the best of ways!

Sell Art

I hope to sell MORE art. But I’m hesitant to apply for art fairs or events because I’m thinking some of them will be canceled due to Covid, and I don’t want to lose application fees over it. In person events are the best for making income, for me. There are some outdoor fairs I do intend to apply to, all of them in Colorado. But I only will attend one, if I can manage to get approved for any at all. These are pretty competitive to get into.

Goal: sell twice as much in 2022 as I did in 2021. Wild Ozark/Madison Woods is a business, so if it’s not making money, it’s not much of one. It’s feeling pretty good to have income to report and pay taxes on. If I at least exceed what I sold in 2021 I’ll feel pretty unstoppable.

Grow a Garden

I have a list of plants I’d like to grow this year. Whether I do it or not will depend on my last goal on this long list. I have to make sure to start the seeds on time, this time!

Goal: order the grow mat/light and remember to start seeds

Do More Stonework

My stone steps up the hill were a lot of fun to make, and I love the way they look. Bonus that they’re functional. So, I’d like to add more of them. I love stonework of all sorts and I’ll also be making more raised beds out of stones.

Goal: get the second terrace of my garden stonewall retainers built.

Walk and Run More

For a while there, I’d gotten good at daily walk/runs. I’d managed to work up to two miles, but then slacked off and now lately I haven’t been regularly doing even a mile. It’s even harder to get motivated when it’s cold outside. So I’m going to remember to set my timer for every two hours on cold days. When the timer goes off, I’ll run up and down the stairs a few times. At least that’ll get me moving and burning some calories. For this, I truly do need to be unstoppable.

Goal: Set the timer to motivate me to get some exercise

Eat Less Carbs

While Rob was working overseas, I’d gotten rid of all the ‘snacky’ foods in the house. My carb intake was low enough and I had lots of energy. Thta’s also when I was doing my regular walks and runs. They make a feedback loop (for me, at least). Less carbs > more energy > more movement/exercise. It works in the opposite direction too: More carbs > less energy > less exercise, and Less exercise > less energy > more hunger which leads to more carbs.

Goal: Eat less carbs, exercise more

Stay More Organized

unstoppable spreadsheets, calendars, planning

A couple of years ago, I created an Excel spreadsheet so when it came time for taxes, it would be easier to fill out my Schedule C. But I didn’t religiously put in the data. Last year, I did much better at that, and loved how easy the spreadsheet made my taxes last year. This year I did an even better job of keeping track, so I’m looking forward to seeing if it is easier still when it comes to doing the taxes. To be unstoppable in this respect is to always write income and expenses as they happen.

What I’ve worked on this past year is getting better at tracking dates on the calendar. Follow-up dates, Show deadline dates, Project due dates, Opportunity I know in the future dates. That was helpful, but I’m not real good at that yet. When I have things written on the calendar months forward, it makes planning a lot easier.

Goal: Flip through the calendar every so often to see what’s ahead and plan for it better. Also, write things important to remember on the calendar, lol.

Word of the Year: Unstoppable

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