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Traveling With Paints | Roaming Hermit

Usually our trips away from the homestead amount to a weekly errand run. Because going ‘to town’ takes up most of the day, it feels like a cross-country journey. We’ve had and still have out of state travels this month. Next month, we’ll be back to our hermit lifestyle – but not at home. I’ll be traveling, with paints, to the Colorado Rockies. Rob will be bringing his metal detector and we’ll both be toting enough other stuff that we’ll probably sound like a tinker’s wagon as we hike out to our spot. We have a small gold claim there and will be in the woods practicing our social distancing from the world out there.

During the interim between travels, I decided to trim some of the trees back off of the driveway. I filled the truck bed with limbs, but it’s hard to tell where I cut them now. There are so many more of them reaching out, reclaiming their space, that I’ll need to do at least a few more truck-bed worth’s to make a dent.

I'll be traveling with paints soon, but first it was time to trim the driveway back.
It’s hard to imagine that this many trimmings didn’t make a dent.

I’ll take pictures and try to post sometimes over the next couple of months, but no promises on regularity with that. The Ozarks Musings newsletter will be on hiatus until October, too. We won’t be at the beach so much in Florida as just being at the homes of Rob’s adult children. He’s been gone so much over the past several years with his work in Qatar that he hasn’t seen them except on video calls. But if we get out to the deep waters as planned, I might just get some pics of fish, lol.

Maybe I’ll make a painting or two, though, since I will be traveling with paints.

While in Colorado, there’s no internet out in the woods. But maybe I won’t be too exhausted when we go in to our cabin at night to post a few pics from there. We’ll be digging dirt and rocks and panning for gold in the creek. Maybe we won’t find a shiny thing, but maybe we will. It’ll be fun either way, and this time I’ll be keeping an eye out for things that make good pigment, too. Hopefully there’s more than gold to find in them ‘thar hills. The problem is that I enjoy panning in the creek so much that it might be all I do!

Author/Artist Info
Madison Woods is a self-taught artist who moved to the Ozarks from south Louisiana in 2005. In 2018 she began experimenting with watercolor painting, using her local pigments. She calls them Paleo Paints, and her artwork features exclusively the lightfast pigments foraged from Madison county, Arkansas. Her inspiration is nature – the beauty, and the inherent cycle of life and death, destruction and regeneration.

Her online portfolio is at www.MadisonWoods.art.

Click here to join her mailing list.

Photo of Madison Woods, artist and Paleo Paint maker, and her social media contact information.
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