A Call for Rocks and a New Page

Saturday I went down to Felkins creek which is near the end of our driveway. It’s not that I needed more rocks. I just wanted to see what the recent rains might have turned up. So I should probably have not gone looking.   I only needed one rock. Or one color of rock. And […]

Treasure Found on a Misty Autumn Morning Walk

Most mornings, after I feed the animals, I go for a walk down the driveway. Today I brought the camera, so it wasn’t as much for exercise as it was for pleasure and to gather treasure. I look for botanical treasure because I use it to decorate my Forest Folk creations. There’s an example of […]

Test Firing the Native Clay – Failure and Success

Yesterday I posted about cleaning the native clay and the test firing I planned to do once they dried out enough. I’m too impatient. I should have waited another day, maybe even longer because the clay was pretty wet when I first worked the little ball and circle. They exploded to smithereens almost as soon […]