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Rustic Kitchen Paintings

While I’m at the studio I paint when there’s no one visiting or shopping my art, or other tasks to do, I spend the time painting. This past Saturday I didn’t have any reference images on hand. Usually when I paint from imagination, it’s either a cabin in the hills or woods, twisted trees, or some other fantasy scene. Well that day I wanted to do something a little bit different. I did an entire set culinary seasonings for a collection of rustic kitchen art.

So, without the herbs and veggies to look at, I went by memory. And since I couldn’t remember what these things look like in detail, they’re not very detailed nor correct in form. And of course the color is never exact because I used my Ozark pigments. It was a study in painting real objects from memory.

They make a nice set because I used a similar background of muted earthy colors on all of them. The style is similar but the shades of colors are different with each one.

The Rustic Kitchen Collection

The complete Rustic Kitchen Collection, and how it looks framed. They’re still wet right now but I’ll be uploading them to my shop in the ‘In Progress’ category in a little while. Always a discount while in that category, and a discount for buying the whole collection while it’s intact, too. There will be prints coming soon, as well. All are 5 x 7″, Ozark oil pigments.



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