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Info About Wild Ozark™

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I’m Madison Woods, the artist and author of Wild Ozark. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, use one of the links to my social media or email. Here’s a quick link to jump to that section. Grab a cup of coffee, prop up your feet and stay a spell 😀

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Get in Touch

Email me at madison@wildozark.com, or find me at social media: Facebook and Instagram 😀

Send me some snail mail:

Madison Woods
P.O. Box 173
Kingston, AR 72742

Get in touch with me via email or snail mail if you’re interested in exhibiting my work, having me do a presentation or workshop! Thanks for dropping by my website. I also enjoy just chatting with anyone interested in nature art, natural pigments, and life in the Ozarks in general.

Nature is a savage muse and she is a constant source of inspiration. I’m an artist who uses handmade watercolor paints made from pigments I forage around home. I live in Kingston, AR with my husband, two horses, a cat, and lots of trees and rocks. My favorite thing to paint is birds of prey, but those are time-consuming and tedious, so I often paint other things in between. Use the links above to find out more about Madison Woods – the phrase that is my dBA name, creative persona and online presence who represents Wild Ozark out in the big, wide, world.

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I'm an artist inspired by nature. Click to find info about Wild Ozark and Madison Woods, or where to buy paintings or Paleo Paints.
Some pigment rocks at Wild Ozark
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