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Finding Lost Fungi

I brought the camera today to get some photos of fungi I’d spotted a few days ago.

When I rode out with Rob the other day I saw the mushrooms on a log and figured I’d come back and get the pictures later that week. They didn’t look like the type that would disappear overnight or even in a week. Yesterday I brought the camera with me, too. But I couldn’t find the log. I even drove back and forth a couple of times past the place where I thought it should have been.

Today I went out again and brought the camera again. But this time I had a passenger. Since I had been riding shotgun when I saw them the first time, I thought perhaps it was something easier to see from that perspective. My son groaned over the “chore” of having to look for the log – it taxes his, and everyone’s, patience to just ride with me because I drive so slow on the dirt roads. I drive that slow to spare vehicles the wear and tear, but also because I’m looking at plants along the sides of the road. Having the passenger do the looking worked!

Once they were spotted and Garrison showed me where they were, I still had a hard time seeing them from the driver’s seat. From where I sat I could barely see them on the log as we passed.


I am not a fungi expert. I only know the names of a few different mushrooms (the ones I know I can eat), but I love finding and photographing them. So you’ll see this lack of technical knowledge in the naming of my photos…

big brown fungi
big brown fungi
pale fungi
pale fungi
fungi and sweetgum ball
fungi and sweetgum ball
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