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Join me on Clubhouse

Are you on Clubhouse?

My daughter called me the other day to tell me about Clubhouse. She had gotten an invitation to join it and after trying it out, thought it would be something I might be interested in. At first I groaned. Not another social media, please. I’m trying to get *away* from being online so much, not looking for more ways to occupy my time. Then she said it was like Zoom, except no video and I really balked. I am tired of Zoom and hate being on video. I’ve got instructional and YouTube videos I want to make, though, so I need to get over that.

I Checked it Out

But she was really emphatic that it wasn’t another FB or Twitter sort of thing. It was more like listening to podcasts… which I really like a LOT. So I checked it out. And she was right. It’s more like live podcasts, or virtual meetings without video. You don’t have to mic in, you can just listen on mute.

So I decided to accept her invitation to join. Except she didn’t have any invites left to hand out. So my son, who had also joined, send me one. Right now the platform is still in startup/beta phase and you can’t get in without an invitation. Each new member gets two invites to pass out. I haven’t invited anyone else to join, yet, so I still have two. After reading this if you think you’d like to join, email me and I’ll invite you. I think at this time it’s only for Apple users. An invitation is based on your phone number.

How Clubhouse Works

There are interest groups and individual people you can follow. I haven’t followed a lot of people, and don’t have many following me. But I have been browsing the interest groups and have started sitting in on some of the talks. I joined groups dedicated to art sales, art marketing, and entrepreneurship. Yesterday I listened to a chat among gallerists, artists, and creatives about how they are building their email lists and what they write about in their newsletters. There’s a chat coming up about marketing for creatives, so I’ll listen in on that one.

So far, I haven’t gotten brave enough to speak up. Not even to introduce myself. Usually I listen while I’m doing other things, like washing dishes or cooking supper. I’m afraid my background noises will be distracting under those conditions, so I just stay on mute.

Ways to Use

Anyone can start a ‘room’ to hold chats or meetings on whatever they want. Unless you have followers, though, it’s unlikely anyone will find them. So it seems like kind of safe space for me to start doing some live Q & A type chats about my art or paint-making process. I don’t know. I might just keep listening and never step out of the shadows of anonymity.

Find Me on Clubhouse

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that I’m there. My handle is the same as everywhere else: @wildozark.

If you’re already there, what topics are you following? Have you participated yet? If so, did it go smoothly, or was it awkward?

My Clubhouse handle is @wildozark.

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4 thoughts on “Are you on Clubhouse?”

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    1. I didn’t have one, but messaged Gab and Garrison and they both had another one 😀 I think Gab sent you one and I found you on there this morning to follow you back. Apparently, when you participate or host rooms, you get more invites. Now I just have to get over the fear of talking on it, but for now, I just listen whenever the wifi is working well enough to let me. I’m going to try making a room later and invite you to it so we can figure out how it works 😀

  1. I think I like this idea of Clubhouse. Thank you for sharing.

    I read the latest blog entry about their current status and the levels of activity. It’s amazing.


    What I don’t like is that it is limited to the iphone, which I have, an old one, emergency on the road phone basically,… I don’t get a signal where I live.
    Not sure I can set up a work-around.

    I am interested in one ticket/invite if still available. If someone else contacts you and wants an invite I can certainly pay that forward.

    I feel the same way about social media and I have been looking for a way to connect with like minded people in meaningful arenas in our area.

    1. Hi Tom, I’ll email you in a few minutes. I still have an invite. We don’t have cell signal here, either, so I have an older phone (8+) and have a $20/mo plan with H2O wireless so I can use it when I go places that does have signal. Mostly I use it at home as my mini computer, lol. I think Clubhouse would be great to build a community like you are thinking. It’s like the old party lines back when phones were open lines, ha, except you can limit who is invited into your ‘rooms’ for conversations. More like conference calls, I guess, but easier to manage.

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