A Wild Roast Coupon for Mother’s Day

Let the Wild Roast begin!

Oh yeah 🙂 I’m getting ready this morning for a full day of aromatic and sumptuous coffee roasting. Mmmmmm-Mmmmmmmm all the locals will soon get to try some of our delicious Wild Roast.

Our "Wild Roast Blend", Ginseng Coffee from Wild OzarkWe’ll have these Wild Roasts on Saturday:

  • Peru Aprocassi
  • Congo Kivu
  • Guatemala Ceylan
  • Tanzania Peaberry

You can get whole bean or ground, with and without ginseng leaf added at the Kingston Fair on the Square! It won’t be “ready to drink” but I’ll have samples of the grinds there to smell-taste.

Organic and/or Fair Trade

With the exception of the Tanzania Peaberry, all of our coffee is either organic or Fair Trade and most of the time both. Some, like the Guatemala Ceylon, is also Rainforest Alliance Certified as well.

Add a Little Pep

We love ginseng leaf in our morning brew. The leaf has all the same properties as ginseng root (American) but the harvest doesn’t kill the plant. That’s why I like using leaf more than root whenever possible. There will be ginseng & coffee blend available on Saturday.

The stimulating, balancing & restorative ginsenosides in ginseng are a great complement to the energizing caffeine in coffee, but ginseng is a medicinal herb and you should ask your doctor or do some research to make sure it’s safe for you.

Just the Coffee Please

We’ll have blends available with ginseng leaf and plenty of Wild Roast without it for those who just want the coffee.

Save a Buck

Bring in your Wild Roast coupon and get your Mom some delicious coffee roasted right here at Wild Ozark. Print-n-Clip or save the coupon to your iPhone and bring it by to get a dollar off of any of the coffees:

Mother's Day coupon for a Wild Roast from Wild Ozark
Clip or save to your phone!

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