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What Bird is Singing? | Click to listen to the Audio

I am hoping someone out there can tell me what kind of bird it is. It is not a cardinal. I saw the bird briefly but it was far up in the treetops and would not stay in one place very long, though it did stay in the same area and seems to always be in that same area. From the glimpse I got, it might have been yellow. I’ve listened online to a pine warbler, and Kentucky warbler, and goldfinch, and none of those sound the same. There are a whole swarm of goldfinches out here right now, though. I went out on a limb, thinking maybe I didn’t see a flash of yellow after all, and listened to summer tanagers, and no that’s not it either. I hear it all the time and it’s driving me crazy to not know who’s doing all the singing up there in the treetops. Please help.


I saw this post at the Hobbs Christopher State Park and guess what? My mystery bird is in the recordings. It’s a red-eyed vireo.

It’s always in the treetops, singing its little heart out and I never get to see it. What bird is it?
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