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The Coalescence Project

A while back I mentioned that I’ll begin making my Folk figures. Well, I’ve chosen a name and worked out a rough plan for the project. These Folk will be called Terrae. Terrae means ‘earth’. I finished the first one and named her Aada, which means first born, a fitting name for the first of her kind. The whole collection will be called The Coalescence Project.

Here’s Aada.

Aada, the first of the Terrae in my Coalescence Project.
Her body is made of native clay and found items, feet from soldered metal, hair from cedar bark with wild hydrangea flowers in her hair.

I’ve got the head of the second figure ready to fire, but I need to also make the other body parts before I plug in the kiln. Right now there are too many other things on my plate, though, so my Coalescence Project will be on the back burner for another month or two.

This will be a multimedia art project in a different sense of the word. First, there will be the sculptured mannikins. There will be their story, that I’ll publish as book, and illustrations in the book will be paintings. Those paintings and the character cards like the one above, will be NFTs.

Once I’m ready to start publishing and selling, I’ll write more here about the project.

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