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Snow and Ice in the Ozarks

Snow and ice are a common winter-time theme of my photos out here in the wild Ozarks. I like the balance of movement and stasis and implied potential in this photo of the snow capped rocks. The creek continues to flow no matter how cold or frozen the surface becomes, even if it must do so below the ground’s surface. And yet the ice embraces solidity and resists change, giving way only slowly in the return to liquid state when the sun warms even the shady spots. Beneath the snow, grass is already beginning to green up and even while they sleep, trees siphon trace minerals and nourishment from the slow snow melt.

snow capped creek rocks by gate
Snow capped creek rocks
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Pattie Rigler
Pattie Rigler
18 November 2020 6:48 am

I live inPhiladelphia Pennsylvania
My daughter a grandsons live in Missouri.in the last few months I’ve been thinking of moving out of this GOD forsaken city.The life there looks peaceful and real😊. Is there room for us???

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