Unwelcome Guest – Snake in the Hen-house

Apparently there’s a snake in the hen-house. Looks like the hens had some stealthy company yesterday. The unwelcome guest left a bit of evidence behind for me to find this morning.

I searched under all of the nexts and behind the boxes and up in the rafters but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Sooner or later our paths are bound to cross, though.

chicken snake skin
Chicken snake skin

The guilty party is a chicken snake, or black rat snake. They can get quite large. The last one I found stealing eggs and chicks was nearly the same length as I am tall, around 5’7″. The one that left the skin behind looks like it might be a bit smaller. Hopefully it won’t eat all of the chicks and eggs before I catch it.

americauna hen
americauna hen
New hen
New hen
black maran hen
black maran hen

Right now there are three hens setting eggs and unless I can find this snake before the chicks hatch, it doesn’t bode well. I’ll move the Americauna hen to the brooder with her clutch of eggs, since she’s been setting the longest and her eggs will hatch out first.

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  1. I hope this little fella slithers back into your life before he’s had chance to do too much damage to either eggs or chicks Madison. Happy Hunting !
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. there is nothing creepier to me than finding a snake skin, I always wonder when it was left and where is it now
    Hope you find it …..
    I love your hens, they are gorgeous
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. LOL, well, this particular snake left his skin sometime between when I checked eggs, so it wasn’t too long ago. My dog nearly jumped out of his own skin when he saw it and that was funny to see. I don’t dislike snakes. I don’t like it when they eat the eggs or chicks, though, so this one has to go. If it lets me catch it, I’ll just relocate it somewhere else far enough that it doesn’t come back, I think. Thanks for dropping by!