Welcome to the all-new Wild Ozark™ website!

Today’s my birthday and it’s the coldest one I can ever remember having! Temps have barely gotten above freezing today and snow clouds are building overhead. I’ve been working hard since I got up this morning to bring this new site online before the end of the day. It might not happen today though, because …

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Ginseng Root Prices 2014

  Here’s the link to our page on 2017 Ginseng Prices . The 2014 ginseng prices is a discussion and information page for diggers, growers, and dealers/buyers. Prices discussed on this page are from diggers and dealer/buyers- wholesale- NOT retail prices. Click here for more information on buying retail wild American ginseng. Retail prices on …

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Monster Ginseng Roots from Arkansas 2014

Click HERE for 2015 ginseng root pictures 2014 Monster Ginseng Roots These monster ginseng roots from Arkansas were submitted by a digger in the Ozarks. He assured me he’d planted all the berries in the same location and only took a portion of mature plants. They broke the tops from the rest to keep them …

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Can’t Find Ginseng?

“I can’t find ginseng!” If you’ve been getting frustrated because you can’t find ginseng, this post is for you. First of all, remember, it’s only legal to dig ginseng in Arkansas from September 1 – December 1. You’ll have to check the rules for your state if you live elsewhere. There are a few good …

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Frost Flowers

The first time I saw frost flowers here in northwest Arkansas, about nine years ago now, I thought they were trash collected at the base of weeds on the roadsides. And then I saw a photo at Cloudland and the mystery was solved and a fascination began. As if I don’t already have enough fascination …

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