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Thanks for dropping by my website and virtual studio. My name is Madison Woods and I’m a nature and wildlife artist who uses local earth pigments to create my art.

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Nature and Wildlife Artist

As a nature and wildlife artist, I am very glad to live on land that’s still wild. There’s a never-ending well of inspiration here. Sometimes I paint what is in my imagination, a different sort of nature where the trees are twisted and the nature spirits take form. You’ll find an assortment of critters ranging from raptors, to raccoons, to cows. Landscapes and rural scenes are ever-present sights here, and so I paint those too.

Latest Additions to the Shop

Would you like to feel closer to nature? My art is earthy, natural, and these Ozark pigments evoke a sense of wonder and possibility. My paintings are an invitation to you to connect with our earth on an ancient platform that has existed since the beginning of the planet, perhaps before life itself. I’m a wildlife and nature artist in a partnership with Nature herself.

When I need to make more paint, then I just I go down to the creek on our property. We are fortunate to live on land with an abundance of stones; such amazing ancient sources in a nice array of earthy pigments. Many people just see rocks, but rocks are special – they hold the soul of a place. I never take them for granted, and I ask permission before I use them. Here, they hold the Soul of the Ozarks. My life as a wildlife and nature artist is a natural extension of my experience with nature around me, and I’d love to share that with you.

My foraging is low impact and I only collect what is offered freely by nature. Whenever it rains, a new collection is deposited in the gravel bars on our creeks and rivers.

The Wild Ozark Blog

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