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Ooops! I Accidentally Hit Publish.

Earlier today while working on a draft for a project I am thinking of doing, I accidentally hit the Publish button when I meant to hit Save Draft.

So, if you’re a blog subscriber, you got a notice of a new blog post and then probably couldn’t find it it if you tried to click through to read. Sorry about that.

What Was it About?

I’m trying to put together a subscription plan, a sort of Nature Art Gift Club where people can subscribe to gift or receive gift boxes of prints, gift cards, or even original art on a re-occurring basis. Or just once a year, or one time only.

What’s the Difference?

When someone orders an original, I usually do put a package together with more than just the painting. But in this Gift Club, everything will arrive in a package that’s ready to open as a gift – either the subscriber giving themselves a special gift or for me to send to someone else.

Can I See it Now?

No, because I haven’t finished working out the details yet, lol. I don’t have a demo gift box put together yet to show you what I have in mind. But I’m working on it! I hope to have the plan ironed out and ready to launch before October this year, in time for Christmas gifts and throughout the year thereafter.

Want to Know When it’s Ready?

I’m happy to let you know when it’s ready. If you’ll hit the button below, I’ll send you an email with all the details. I might have it ready in a month or two, but October is the latest.

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