October Color at Wild Ozark

Here’s a couple of photos from this morning I thought you’d like. I love fall here in the Ozarks. Late October color is often quite nice. That’s when it begins to start turning noticeably.

In the morning as the sun rises over the eastern mountain, the trees westward light up. Each day from about now to November promises to hold great views.

I’ll add more as the season wears on.

October color in the Ozarks can be quite spectacular. Here's one of the maple trees along the driveway.
Maple leaves along the driveway.


A red sweet gum leaf by the gate.
A red sweet gum leaf by the gate.

Not Just the Leaves

Sunrises and sunsets are often spectacular in October, too. Here’s one from 10-20-17. It started out with a delicate gold wash across the landscape. Before I had the camera ready, though, the colors had deepened to a gorgeous amber glow.

Sienna Sunset, October 20, 2017. SOOC, no filters. The moment was fleeting, but I was glad to have captured it.
“Burnt Sienna Sunset”, October 20, 2017. SOOC, no filters. The moment was fleeting, but I was glad to have captured it.

About Wild Ozark
Wild Ozark is a nature farm. Mostly we grow rocks. I use those rocks and some of the herbs to make earth pigments and watercolor paints. We also grow native clay that I use for making my Fairy Swing Mushrooms. And then there are the trees. We grow lots of trees. My husband uses some for his woodworking and some for our Burnt Kettle Shagbark Hickory Syrup, but for the most part they stand around creating good air, shade, & habitat for the ginseng nursery.
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About the voice behind this blog, Madison Woods
I'm a creative old soul living way off the beaten path with my husband in the wild Ozark Mountains. You can find my art on display and for sale at the Kingston Square Arts shop in Kingston, Arkansas. It's a tiny little town and a bit off the path to anywhere at all, but a wonderful ride out to a most beautiful part of our state. Besides homesteading, growing plants & making arts & crafty things, I write books and stories. My rural fantasy fiction, written under the pen name, Ima Erthwitch, usually takes place in a much altered Ozarks.

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