Treasure Found on a Misty Autumn Morning Walk

Most mornings, after I feed the animals, I go for a walk down the driveway. Today I brought the camera, so it wasn’t as much for exercise as it was for pleasure and to gather treasure. I look for botanical treasure because I use it to decorate my Forest Folk creations. There’s an example of […]

October Color at Wild Ozark

Here’s a couple of photos from this morning I thought you’d like. I love fall here in the Ozarks. Late October color is often quite nice. That’s when it begins to start turning noticeably. In the morning as the sun rises over the eastern mountain, the trees westward light up. Each day from about now […]

Hornet’s Nest & The last of the fall color at Wild Ozark

A hornet’s nest to decorate with has long been on my wish-list. Around here, they don’t survive very long in the wild because cliff or chimney swifts tear up their nests to make the plaster for their own nests. There was a big one in the plum tree on the other end of the horse’s […]

Nature Sketching Day 21- Down the dirt road in October

I’m not real good at trees and landscapes yet. I can do single items like leaves fairly well, but the larger view pushes outside my ability. Maybe with practice I’ll get better.   About Wild Ozark Wild Ozark is a nature farm. Mostly we grow rocks. I use those rocks and some of the herbs […]

Nature Sketching Day 14

At this time of year it’s even harder than usual for me to make a quick trip to town and back. If I bring my camera with me, it’s a guaranteed impossibility. Today I had to stop for photos of the Felkins Creek valley as the sun was setting.   Thank you for visiting and […]