A Couple of Photos from Today: Mossy Oak Limbs and Our Dirt Road

I find certain trees are just as beautiful in winter as they are the rest of the year. This old tree with her mossy oak limbs is one of my favorite photo subjects.

Mossy Oak Limbs

The mossy oak limbs of Gloria.

Our Dirt Road

Here’s another photo from today, of the dirt road we live down. I love the curves and hills.Our county road is full of curves and hills.

There was an eagle at the first Felkins creek bridge today, but as soon as I got close enough to get a photo, it flew away and circled back over the trees. So no pic of the eagle.

Making a Quick Trip to Town

In an unusually disciplined effort, I continued driving to my destination and didn’t stop again. Time was of the essence for this jaunt and I just didn’t look around much on my way in or out.

If I had, then I would have seen more things to stop for and that would have definitely slowed me down. I knew when I left the house that I’d only stop for one spectacular shot. Since the eagle didn’t give me a good opportunity, I thought the road itself was the next best thing.

The mossy oak limbs looked pretty this morning as the sun came up over the hill, so I took that one this morning from the porch before I left for running errands.

Ordinarily when I bring the camera with me down the road, I stop a lot.

Christmas is getting close and I’m still not quite finished with the gifts. Mostly, I just need to wrap and label them.

It Wasn’t Really Quick, Just Quicker than Usual

That’s why I tried to make a quick(er) trip with the errands. The nearest town, not counting Kingston, is about 45 minutes away, so it’s never a truly quick trip, ha.

Time is passing so fast these days it seems like the entire week is gone before I know it. Now a whole year is almost gone. I’ve been working on focusing my efforts, taking some of the irons out of the fire.

But it seems the only iron that manages to stay out is the one labeled “housekeeping”. It’s the only one I need to add back in there a little more often!

Merry Christmas!

I probably won’t make another post until after the holidays, so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

First Hunt by Ima ErthwitchPredator and Prey, or the hunter and the hunted is a common theme throughout my fiction writing. No Qualms, one of my short stories (free at most retailers) is about about a predator/prey relationship. Symbiosis, my first finished novel, not published yet, deals with predator/prey relationships and the balance of energy among life on earth, sometimes symbolic and often outright. Many of my flash fiction stories (I have twitterfiction and 100-word flash stories) are also dealing with this same dynamic. This is a strong theme that runs through most of my fiction and is strongly influenced by life in the wild Ozarks where we live. My first published novel, First Hunt, also has a predator and prey theme to it. I guess it's just part of my nature.

Nature Farming

Wild Ozark is 160 acres of beautiful wild Ozark mountains. I call what I do "nature farming" because the land produces, all by itself, the shagbark hickory trees, ferns, moss, ground-fall botanicals, and the perfect habitats for growing and stewarding American ginseng. I'm co-creating with Nature - all of the things I use to make the Fairy Gardens and Forest Folk, the bark we harvest for Burnt Kettle's shagbark hickory syrup, are produced by nature without my input. This land is my muse for inspiration when it comes to my writing, drawing, and photography. It's truly a Nature Farm.

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