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First Thoughts

What is the first thought that enters your mind on waking? Are you savoring vestiges of pleasant dreams, or do you wake up already planning the day…or is there a sense of ‘oh no, not again” ?

Sometimes the first thing I do is glance to see if the sun is up yet. Depending on the visual cue, my first thought after that is usually something along the lines of “What time is it?” which leads into either wondering if the coffee is done yet or cold already.

I’m feeling contemplative this morning. Just curious what kinds of things are on the minds of everyone else. Usually, my first thoughts fall into the first category I mentioned of savoring vestiges of pleasant dreams, but they quickly lead into the coffee contemplations. I rarely wake up in a bad mood.

photo of sunbeams

6 thoughts on “First Thoughts”

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  1. Ann M Giaquinto Scott

    Unfortunately I always wake up with a groan. Morning means another day climbing into the school bus. Years ago I never even needed an alarm, now I need two to pry me out of the bed. Mornings are the best time of my day however; love to watch the sunrise and bring in a new day.

  2. LOL, Janet I can imagine your grumbles if you have to leave out in the mornings for something. I do like easing into the day. Once I’m out of bed I usually check email and website stats while sipping my coffee. If I’m first out of bed and there’s still coals in the woodstove, I’ll usually rekindle the fire too. And even though I like being up early, I generally do wear my pj’s long into the morning and sometimes even later. Rob brought me these beautiful long-sleeved dress things while he was in Afghanistan… I don’t know what they’re called but they have pants that match and the sleeves and neck are embroidered with colorful patterns… but I love them and it doesn’t feel like I’m in my pajamas when I’m wearing them. I even suit up with coat/hat/gloves/boots to go out on my morning feed rounds wearing them.

    If I have to go out in the morning I have to get up really early so I can still have my morning routine, or else it makes me feel like grumbling for the rest of the day.

    Glad you liked the pic 🙂 It was a lucky capture and I even got two of them like that in two separate locations that morning.

  3. First I look at the light, then I wonder what day it is. I never know. And if Cliff’s still asleep I can’t ask him. So I get up and cross the hall to the office where I flip the switch on my electric kettle and start my first cup of tea. And then I sit and I journal. I like getting up early and having the quiet time to journal, but I’m not a morning person. If I have to go out in the mornings for anything, my day is shot. If I can ease into the day, tea, journal, warm flannel nightgown around my ankles, I’m a happy girl.

    Love the photo and the soft light through the trees.

  4. I used to be much more of a morning person than I seem to be nowadays. And yet I love being up early before the sun. But it’s soooooo hard to convince myself to get from beneath the nice warm covers. I’ve been working on getting myself up earlier. Maybe I need to set a walking program like yours too. I have a short circuit down the hill to the shed and over to the horse’s gate and back up to the house each morning, but it doesn’t amount to enough to consider a workout. I could just take it a bit farther…

    You have a wonderful weekend, too Janet, and thanks for dropping in and sharing your morning process 🙂

  5. I tend to do that same thing–look first at the light. If I think it’s too early to get up, I try not to look at the clock and instead, go back to sleep, something at which I’m not too good. 🙂 I’m a morning person, so I’m generally happy and upbeat in the morning. Bill takes a bit longer to get going but he’s a night person. I like having time to just sit and think although most weekday mornings I’m up, dressed, and at the park for my walk as soon as it’s light. Love starting the day that way!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Madison.


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