A truce with Scrivener and a beautiful morning.

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After much cursing and beating my fist on the table last night, I managed to figure out my problem with Scrivener. Or, at least I figured out enough to get clues on how to eventually make it do what I’m wanting to do.

So I’ve made progress and am delighted to say that there will be new and improved editions of the DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment Guide and later for the Sustainable Ginseng. Do any of you other writers out there know whether Amazon will notify customers that an updated version is available? Should I make this a second edition, or just update the file on the initial upload?

I can also see now how to use the program to produce the photo books so that I can include links. The inability to insert links using the comic creator program is a major hindrance, I think, but with any luck I’ll be able to format the photo books using Scrivener without having to give up image quality. If not, I’ll do without the links and continue with the rest of the series the way the first two have been done.

This morning was gorgeous so I took a couple of photos. Keep tabs on our colors at the 2014 Fall Color page (I’ll be adding these to it shortly):

2 1

Scrivener, let’s try to be friends.

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Arrrggghhhh! I’ve been beating my head against the wall  I’ve been formatting photo ebooks (this one’s free today, btw) using Kindle’s Comic Creator and it’s working great for that format. But for an e-book with more text than photos I need to use something else.

Scrivener is a great program and I’d used it once a while ago. Why is it so great? Because you can output your manuscript in many different formats without having to recode it all for each. But my version was old and when I opened it today to use it for the first time in more than a year, I found that it had several updates since my original purchase.

My relationship with Scrivener in those first days was only cursory. I used it to produce my short stories to sell on Amazon and for that it was still an arduous ordeal. In the end, though, the stories came out looking alright. I’d also used it to create the first ginseng e-book, Sustainable Ginseng. For the DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment, I uploaded a Word file directly to Amazon and let them convert it.

Now that I have my own color e-reader (a Samsung Galaxy my husband bought me for my early birthday/Christmas gift), I see that the online previewer for Kindle lied to me. The ginseng ebooks do not appear the way I had intended at all. Many of the photos are entirely too small and text runs from one page to another when it should not. The online previewer did not show me these issues. Now I have two books that have been on the market for nearly a year with substandard formatting. This upsets me.

What upsets me even more is how difficult I’m finding it to figure out how to use the darn program.

But anyway, I’m going to get it figured out and when I do I’ll upload new versions of both ginseng ebooks. If you’d purchased one of them previously and were unsatisfied with the photos in them, let me know and I’ll make sure you get the updated files.


Have a color e-Reader? Get “Before the Unfurling” FREE on Thursday 10/23

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Free for one day only, Thursday Oct. 23:

wild ozark nature journal cover image

20 beautiful full-color, full-page photos of plants that bloom or rise before ginseng unfurls.

Introducing A Wild Ozark Nature Journal

This is a new line of books I’ll be self-publishing. Most of them will be photo-essay types and only available for Kindle (or readers that can use the Kindle app, like my Samsung Galaxy).

The first series of this line is Into the Ginseng Wood, a photographic journal of ginseng through the seasons. The first two titles of this series are available now at Amazon. “Before the Unfurling” showcases the flowers that bloom before ginseng unfurls. It covers the period of time between late March and mid-April. “The Unfurling” captures the unfurling of ginseng and goldenseal and shows photos of these and other companion plants from unfurling at mid-April through the end of April. The next titles will show the plants through the rest of the growing season.

Homestead Journal: Autumn colors and Baby Chicks

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Autumn colors

The first set of photos for the week ending 10/25 have been posted to the 2014 Fall Color Watch page. If you have a blog, link up to share your autumn colors!


Baby Chicks

Remember the chicks that were eaten by the snake a couple of months ago? Well, the hen was still broody after that and began sitting on eggs in the henhouse. After she seemed determined enough to stay the course I moved her and the eggs to the brooder. Rob reinforced it so no more snakes could get in.

Today we have 4 little new arrivals to the Wild Ozark homestead. Biddies are so cute!

chick 1 chick 2 chick 3

Finally a sunny fall color day

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It was close to 40*F this morning when the sun came up. Halfway through my feeding-the-critters daily task I went back uphill to the house to grab my camera. The sun coming through the great oak out front was gorgeous.

fall in the wild ozarks

You can view the rest of my fall collection and the others who have joined the virtual tour on the 2014 Color Watch page and if you have a blog showcasing autumn’s colors wherever you are in the world, you can join the Virtual Fall Color blog tour by clicking the little blue icon at the bottom. That’s where you’ll add your link.

Nature Photography: “Before the Unfurling”

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I’ve just posted a new product profile for this at our online shop. Click the image to go there now and find out more about it. If you love the woodland plants or nature photography, you’ll enjoy this e-Book for Kindle (and color readers that support the Kindle app).

wild ozark nature journal cover image

20 beautiful full-color, full-page photos of plants that bloom or rise before ginseng unfurls.

More Fall color in the Wild Ozark hills

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Fall Color

I took an early morning walkabout with the camera to get some more photos of fall color since the rain seems to have stopped for a while.

fall color 2014 at wild ozark

The woodpile next to the old bell with color in the background.

The rest of the photos are posted at the Fall Color Watch 2014 page, so click here to go over there to see them. If you have photos on your blog and you want to share be sure to add a link to your post with the InLinkz button below the last set of photos.

A Book in Progress

I’ve decided to self-publish my book of photos. I’ll upload in by chapters to Amazon soon, with the first chapter being “Before the Unfurling”. This book is showcasing the habitat for ginseng throughout the year. It starts in very early spring, before anything has begun to grow and goes through the unfurling to the fruiting and finally to the fall harvest. If you’d like to be a beta-tester for the chapters as I get each one ready to publish, email me (madison(at)wildozark(dot)com) and I’ll send you the files. I’ll need to know how it displays on your reader and whether you have suggestions for changes in grammar, style, or anything else. You’ll need to know how to add a file to your reader. If your reader isn’t a Kindle, then it’ll need to have the app on it that allows you to read Kindle books.

Into the Ginseng Wood book cover

Into the Ginseng Wood cover


trout lily

One of the frames from “Into the Ginseng Wood”, first chapter “Before the Unfurling”.

Ozarks Fall Color Watch 2014

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This post kicks off my annual Ozarks Fall Color Watch! As the color intensifies I’ll be posting updates and adding them to this page so check back every so often or watch for my announcements that new pics have been posted on the WildOzark facebook page: www.facebook.com/wildozark.

Wild Ozark’s Fall Color 2014

  • Week ending 10/25

more from 10/21 and 10/22

  • Week ending 10/18

    The Ozarks fall color is intensifying but hasn’t yet peaked. So far I haven’t seen the maples blazing orange, which seems to me a mark of color height. It rained every day for the past several days so I didn’t get to add any more photos to last week’s set. Sunday marks the beginning of this week’s set and I’ve added 26 images to this gallery. I’ll make a new gallery if I get to take more during the week and add it below this one.

    From a walkabout down the driveway early this overcast and misty morning.

    Week ending October 11, 2015

Today the predominant colors are of the yellow hues with red marking the sassafras, sumac , dogwoods and black gum. Oaks, sycamores and maples are showing more yellow. I’ll post more pics later, and hopefully better ones. These are the ones from the porch the morning of 10/09.

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