Mission: Connecting people to Nature
Kingston, Arkansas. Where I paint with Ozark pigments … and talk to rocks, creeks, and trees.
Madison Woods for art, Roxann Riedel for real estate (soon!) Two names, same person. Just call me “Mad Rox”.

Contact info: madison@wildozark.com or text/call (479) 409-3429

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  • Something Fishy Going on

    UPDATE: The problem was a conflict with one of the plugins. So I think all the text is back to visible on the posts. This morning it appears that the text in many of my blog posts is missing. Section headers are there, photos are there, but the paragraphs between are gone. Hmmm. Early tricks…

  • Today’s post is fiction

    And it’s at my fiction website. It’s a tiny story of 100 words, and not very “nature” based, so I didn’t post it here. But you can go there to read it if you like 🙂

  • Nature Writing at Hobbs State Park

    This is a past event. If you’d like to book a workshop like this one, email madison@wildozark.com. Nature is a treat for the senses but sometimes it takes effort to get past the immediate sensory input and experience a deeper relationship. Madison Woods will lead the class on a voyage of listening, looking, and feeling…

  • Potting up Goldenseal

    Potting up Goldenseal

    This is my beautiful workspace today where I’m potting up goldenseal, trout lilies and trying in vain to find any of the previously potted ginseng seeds sprouting. I’m thinking this year is going to be a poor one for new ginseng. That’s going to be a hard hit on our new Wild Ozark Nursery, unfortunately. However,…