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The Art Gallery at NWA Mall

Have you seen the new Art Gallery at NWA Mall yet? I’m happy to be a part of it. Here’s an article that came out at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (online) today about it.

The Gallery at NWA Mall

Fridays: 4-8pm *** Saturdays: 12-8 pm *** Sundays: 1-5 pm

I have some of my art hanging on the walls there, and I’m also on the board of directors. It’s a volunteer position and I’m learning a lot by doing it. My job is space assignments for the walls and for the monthly featured art spaces. We have over 40 artists, all local (artists must live within 70 miles). The styles of art on display runs the gamut, so there’s probably something for everyone. The artists themselves run the gamut too, when it comes to age and the skills they’ve volunteered to share.

The Art Gallery at NWA Mall is a non-profit and entirely staffed and run by the artists. The NWA Mall graciously donated the space, which once was the Banana Republic clothing store. It’s across from Victoria Secret. If you’d like to become one of the artists, visit the FB page to find an application. At the moment there’s a waiting list, but our curator will take a look at your work and let you know if you’ll be on standby in the event a space opens up.

We change it up a little every month. Right now, these are the ones I have on display. They can be purchased at the gallery. And if there’s another piece of mine you would like to see in person, as a gallery artist, I can bring it there and hold it in the back until you can take a look. This might be more convenient than having you make a trip out to the off-road Wild Ozark destination.

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