Prettiest Rooster Contest

Do you have a pretty rooster?

Wild Ozark is hosting a contest to see who has the prettiest roosters out there.

Send in your entries!

11 Winners will get a free 2017 calendar featuring the prettiest roosters entered into our Prettiest Rooster Contest.

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Wild Ozark's Prettiest Rooster entry.
Wild Ozark’s Prettiest Rooster entry.

Contest ends Sept. 1, 2016

Contest Rules & Terms

Photos submitted may be used online in this blog or FB for the purpose of promoting the contest or the calendar. Winning photos will be included in a product Wild Ozark will offer for sale. Winning photographers will get a free calendar and their photo will be credited using the name given during submission. Do not submit photos you do not own the copyright to! If you took the photo, you own the copyright if you haven’t sold it anywhere else. Photos used will be credited to the photographer/entrant and copyright remains with the entrant. Only photos with enough quality to look good printed at 5×7″ or larger will qualify for the calendar, but they may still be featured on Wild Ozark’s blog of contestants. Entrants email addresses will be used to send notices about the contest and the calendars only. Entering this contest does not subscribe the entrant to our other mailing lists. Winners will be notified by email and announcement on this blog, FB, and other social media. Calendars will be available for purchase. Winners will receive their free calendars by USPS in early January or possibly earlier. Contest is open to international submissions, but non-contiguous-US winners will pay shipping for the free calendar. In the event we don’t get enough submissions, the contest will be rescheduled for next year with a longer submission window, or cancelled altogether.

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