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The Business ‘Circle of Life’ at Wild Ozark

An older post, but still representative. Eventually I’ll update it but for now, I’ll leave it alone: This is the second year since making Wild Ozark my full-time endeavor. Over the past year, I’ve noticed a life-cycle of sorts. It’s risen organically, and next year I hope to be more efficient at taking advantage of …

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Ginseng Pictures: American Ginseng & Companions

70+ photos of ginseng, companion plants, and habitat in the Ozarks Paperback Available Now! Available now through Createspace and by July 30, 2015 at Amazon. Available through Wild Ozark’s online shop August 30, 2015. The book is $19.99 at all three locations and contains a coupon to get the PDF version FREE from our online …

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What’s Blooming at the end of May?

Wild Ozark plants blooming at the end of May I took a little walkabout yesterday to photograph some of the flowers that are setting berries, blooming, or getting ready to bloom right now. Yesterday’s post highlighted the orchid I’d been waiting to see bloom. The ginseng pics were also added to the “Ginseng Habitat Through the …

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A Woodland Habitat – Dragons among the Nettles and Cohosh

There’s a particular woodland habitat at the far corner of our property that I love. The variety of plants that grow there is amazing. It’s the perfect place for American ginseng, but those plants have nearly been extirpated by diggers foraging the hillsides of our area. It’s too far from the house for me to …

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Wild Ozark’s Monthly Newsletter -May 2015

Here’s one of my monthly newsletters that goes out to my subscribers. This one is from May 2015 and is all about challenges, new discoveries, and a brand new product from Wild Ozark. “Greatest” Challenge Are you often faced with challenging situations to figure yourself out of? It seems I get to encounter “greatest” challenges …

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A Ginseng Sanctuary at the Compton Gardens in Bentonville

Wild Ozark is honored and excited to be embarking on a long-term project in conjunction with Compton Gardens in Bentonville, Arkansas. This American Ginseng Sanctuary project is made possible, in part, by a grant from the United Plant Savers. This is still under construction but you can see it anytime of the year. Ginseng will be visible …

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April 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the April 2015 Newsletter from Wild Ozark! For a plant lover, spring is an exciting time of year. This morning I found trout lilies blooming and blue cohosh unfurling! I try to get out to the woods every day to see what’s new that I didn’t see the day before.   Business is …

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bloodroot flowers

Potting up Goldenseal

This is my beautiful workspace today where I’m potting up goldenseal, trout lilies and trying in vain to find any of the previously potted ginseng seeds sprouting. I’m thinking this year is going to be a poor one for new ginseng. That’s going to be a hard hit on our new Wild Ozark Nursery, unfortunately. However, …

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A goldenseal plant with red berry.

Sights and Sounds of Spring

The sounds of spring fills the night air now. Spring Peepers are calling! The only visible signs of spring so far as I can see are the bits of wild onion grass growing with a bit more spright than usual. And the chickweed is making my garden look like it already needs to be weeded. …

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Cover and Sample Page

Here’s the cover and sample page for “Forest Companions”, the last book in the “Into the Ginseng Wood” series. Should be at Amazon by the weekend! If you want to catch up on the others, heres a link to the first one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OFAMAS6. They open into full page photos, no double-tapping required! Click on the image …

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A leaf underwater.

Madison Wood’s Blog

Welcome to the Madison Woods blog, where you can reconnect to Nature. This is where I share my earthy fine art, and blog about my experiences living a rural life while making art, growing ginseng and hickory trees. This page is more or less ‘about’ the blog. The button below can take you to the …

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