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Pigments & Watercolors from Wild Ozark

When I forage pigments to make my own sets of paints, I’ll often make enough to have some extra. These get listed in my shop. If you’d like to find out when there are paints available for sale, just keep an eye on my Info page. It always updates to show the latest listings. You can see the latest three adds below. These may or may not be paints, but are whatever most recently got listed in the Wild Ozark online shop:

I also have a newsletter, but I’m not real good at staying current with what’s for sale. Mostly I write about what I’ve been up to during the month prior and announce the winner for whatever giveaway I’m running at the time. Each month newsletter subscribers can enter the giveaway. Currently I’m giving away 4 x 6 mounted prints. Who knows what will be next? Sign up to hear about the usual musings and things going on at Wild Ozark. Eventually after this pandemic is over, I’ll get back to doing pigment foraging and workshops for making paint. I also want to do some group plein air sessions.

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The Soul of the Ozarks resides in Her Rocks. Handmade watercolor paints and dry pigments coming Sept. 16.

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