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~ Rock Foraging Nature Artist & Real Estate Agent in Kingston, AR ~

Madison Woods is my creative chosen name. My real name is Roxann Riedel, and aside from being a nature-loving artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty.

(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

Color Fest Flyer

Color Fest in Ponca- Rainout Friday and Saturday

Color Fest was supposed to happen this weekend in Ponca, down in the Buffalo River Valley not far from where where the elk herd hangs out.

But it’s been raining for a couple of days now and the rain continues today. It’s predicted to rain tomorrow too. Sunday, however, is looking all bright and sunny.

Sunday still on

I’m planning to head over there on Sunday. If the ground is too soggy to set up my tent, I may just set up the easel and not my whole booth. Or I may just put out my table so I can offer some of the mounted prints for sale to anyone who braves the damp, soggy, and chilly day to come out there to see the die-hard artists who show up.

Color Fest Saturday rescheduled

We will be out there again next weekend on Saturday, November 2. Hopefully the weather (and colors) cooperate to provide a scenic backdrop for us then.

Art Opening Receptions – Schedule Conflict 🙁

If you’re up for a road trip then maybe you will head over to Texarkana, AR for the art reception on Saturday. It’s at the 1894 Gallery on Olive Street from 4 to 6 pm. I wish I could make it, but the distance is too great to make both that and the Ponca Color Fest the next morning.

There is also an art reception at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO on Nov. 1 from 5-9 pm. And again, I won’t be able to make that one either because of the distance and the need to be at Ponca the next morning.

If you attend either of these openings, I’d LOVE some photos of the exhibit. I’m so sad I can’t make either one of them.

Autumn is tip-toeing in

The leaves are beginning to turn here and it looks like we’ll have a colorful autumn after all. For a little while there it seemed like maybe this year was going to be a dud for color. Now it’s looking like there might be a color fest going on everywhere in the Ozarks very soon.

Color Fest was cancelled for today and tomorrow, but rescheduled for Saturday Nov. 2. Sunday this weekend will go ahead as planned, though.
Rain, rain, and more rain. At least the wind hasn’t been blowing so hard as it sometimes does at this time of year. There are leaves left on the trees and they’re beginning to get some color.

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