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Pop-up Exhibit at The Gathering | Art on the Bricks | July 8

If you’re able to get out there on short notice, I’ll be at the Art on the Bricks pop-up art exhibit on July 8. Showtime is from 4:30 to 7:30, and there’s a lot more than just art going on. There will be food, music, shopping, and art on display all around the downtown area surrounding Frisco park. My display will be at The Gathering, at 116 S. 1rst Street.

At the moment, I’m not sure if this will be inside or outside, but this shop will hopefully be open so you can browse and shop if you stop by. It’s a historic building, once the old Applegate Drugstore. All of the store’s original fixtures and woodwork is still intact. They carry felted wool, fibers and supplies, and Arkansas made products. I’m pretty excited to get a look at their shop.

Original Art at the Pop-up Art Exhibit

I’ll have these originals with me. Some may not be framed, but unless it’s raining, I’ll have them hanging in their sleeves on my panels.

And, I’ll have these! I love painting twisted trees.

The first Twisted Tree series of this year is framed, varnished and ready to go home with someone, or a few someones. I’m offering a pricing break for anyone who buys all four of these sweet little paintings. They’re varnished and need no glass for protection, eliminating glare. If they get dusty, you can wipe them gently to clean them. Barn wood frames with a sample of the rock that made the paint. $150/ea or $400 for all 4.

Prints and Note Cards, Too

I’ll have a selection of my archival prints and note cards, too. Many of my original works have been submitted to juries, so I can’t sell them right now. But prints are an affordable way to get some Ozark pigment colors onto your walls 😀

So come on out to the Downtown Rogers Art on the Bricks pop-up art exhibit and look for me out front or inside The Gathering at 116 1rst Street. It should be a fun evening!

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    1. Hi Nancy! I’m looking forward to seeing it, too. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Art on the Bricks and I’m curious to see if there’s more turnout this year compared to 2019.

  1. Sounds like fun. Wish we could be there. Love the doctor’s office picture. I haven’t seen that one before. Hope it goes well.

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