This sting oil truly is amazing.

Angelina Jolie Lips

A while back my daughter was stung by three hornets on her lip. She melted a few lumps of frankincense I’d given her earlier into some coconut oil.

At this point her lip had swollen to baseball size and she was in pain.

Within an hour she called to say the swelling was almost completely gone, with the exception of her lips, which looked like “Angelina Jolie” and she was happy about that.

Not much longer later, she called again to say her lips had returned to normal size, much to her dismay.

No Lie

We thought she had exaggerated the exceptional power of this ointment.

We were wrong.

Not long after her incident with the hornet, while I was away on errands, Rob was stung by a wasp on the neck. He tried the same thing.

By the time I’d gotten home I could not even tell where he’d been stung.

Spider Bit

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it on wasp or hornet stings, but I did get bitten by a brown recluse.

I used the oil several times a day for several days. The bite did not progress beyond initial itching and inflammation, and healed without other issues.

What Else?

My friend tried some on her fever blister. She said it went away faster than it ever did when she used the lysine.

I’d love to hear your stories about how you’ve used this Amazing Sting Oil.

Amazing Sting Oil from Wild Ozark
Ingredients: frankincense melted into fractionated coconut oil. That’s all.