Wild American Ginseng Roots Monthly Inventory Report

Keeo up with the roots reportThe roots inventory report is a monthly mailing list to let you know when Wild Ozark’s online shop has wild American ginseng roots to sell. We’ll also be offering dried ginseng leaves, based upon availability.

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The Appalachian ginseng we have listed can only ship to United States addresses and can be ordered year-round.

The Ozark ginseng can ship anywhere in the world between Sept. 15 through March 30. To request photos or order wild Ozark mountain roots, contact the seller directly at millsginseng@hotmail.com and let him know you found his link here at Wild Ozark.

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Wild Ozark is partnered with Bat Cave Botanicals & Mills Ginseng to provide you with wildcrafted, ethically harvested American ginseng roots (and leaves) of the finest quality.

Click here to read the December 2016 issue of Roots. We’re moving to a bimonthly or occasional newsletter for this one.

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