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Wild American Ginseng Roots Monthly Inventory Report

Keeo up with the roots reportWild Ozark connects local diggers to local buyers. We’re in northwest Arkansas and can sell to anyone who comes here to pick them up.

The roots inventory report is a mailing list to let you know when we have wild American ginseng roots to sell. Because I only partner with ethical, responsible diggers our quantities will always be limited.

What is ethical and responsible digging?

Traditional diggers have been stewarding and harvesting from the same ginseng plots for generations. The reason they can do this is because they never dig all the plants from a patch and they always replant the seeds from the plants they do take.

Ideally, stewardship also means that you’ll only harvest a small percentage of the oldest plants, leaving behind choice “mother” plants to pass on genetics to new generations.

What’s in the Newsletter?

When the season for harvest approaches, I’ll let you know it’s time to put in orders for fresh or dried wild root.

We’ll also be offering dried ginseng leaves, based upon availability. I’ll also list my ginseng-related art and photography in the newsletters.

Click here if you want to find other responsible and ethical retailers. These sellers can ship to any US or International address, whereas Wild Ozark doesn’t ship at all and only sells to local buyers.

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