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Wild Ozark Phenology Record

Phenology is the study of the timing of re-occurring environmental and biological events. So Wild Ozark Phenology is just limiting my study to what I observe right here at Wild Ozark.

This is hit or miss with me, as I keep forgetting to add to it. I’ve already missed several of my usual spring markers, but it’s a start.

Please comment to add your location and sightings of blooms, birds, or other seasonal events from wherever you are! It’ll be interesting to see how it varies from place to place.

Wild Ozark Phenology Record

03-13-20 First flocks of cedar waxwings swished and swooshed into the oak, elm, and sweet gum to feast on buds. Continued on the next day, too.

04-21-19 Hummingbird scouts arrived
04-23-19 Large flock of American goldfinches arrived
04-23-19 First tick on me
04-27-19 Scorpion weed (Phacelia crenulata ) is blooming
04-27-19 Saw a lone cedar waxwing
04-27-19 Rusty Blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum) is blooming
04-27-19 Native red honeysuckle almost blooming
04-28-19 Doll’s Eyes (Actaea pachypoda) is blooming
Forgot the entire month of May!!
06-05-19 First June bugs clunking around after dark, fireflies are lighting up the trees sporadically after sunset
Well, now I’ve skipped July, August, and September too!
10-11-19 First freeze warning for tonight. Possible high 20’s low 30’s
10-12-19 First skin of ice on the critter’s water bucket. None in the creek, though. Color is slow in coming this year, it seems. Gloria is just beginning to bronze a little. Some of the sycamores and sweet gums are turning yellow now.
10-31-19 28*F, First snow flurries in the pre-dawn hours. Very windy this morning, and no precip accumulation. There are still doll’s eye berries clinging to the bushes. Leaf color right around peak now.

A screech owl fledgling at Wild Ozark. The Ozark Phenology page mascot.
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