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Nature-Influenced writing by Madison Woods

Nature-Influenced Writing

I write fiction and nonfiction, all of which is nature-influenced. Nonfiction topics include useful plants, ginseng. Fiction is rural fantasy.

Nature-Influenced Nonfiction

My nonfiction titles are all short books on American ginseng, useful plants, and nature. Most are available as paperback or Kindle, but some are only Kindle.

The Wild Ozark Nature Boutique will carry all of the paperback titles (opening May 2017). The online shop is still under construction. All titles are available through Amazon and most other retailers online.

The Kindle versions are only available at Amazon.

CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon listings for NONFICTION. This is where you’ll find all of my ginseng books, herbal books, photography Kindle books and the new Wild Ozark Musings series.

The images below link to the titles at Amazon, Createspace, or other retailers where the books are available for purchase.

The Autumn 2015 collection of Wild Ozark Nature Journal is FREE all week Monday Nov 16 through Friday Nov 20Cover art for the new My Nature Journal from Wild OzarkCover-low  cover for 10 Common Plants Worth Knowing Sustainable Ginseng Cover-front-205x267 DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment Guide Before the Unfurling cover for the unfurling of ginseng cover for forest companions


Nature-Influenced Fiction

What is Rural Fantasy?

You’ve heard of Urban Fantasy, I’m sure. Well, Rural Fantasy is set in less-than-urban settings. My stories are most often in small towns, far off the beaten path, or in the woods or wilderness. And most likely it’s in the Ozarks.

My rural fantasy is written under a different name so I can keep the fiction and nonfiction separate. I have a website just for my fiction. Click the link below to go there.

Rural Fantasy by Ima Erthwitch

Cover for book 1 of the Bounty Hunter series by Ima Erthwitch Cover for short story by Ima Erthwitch No Qualms cover for short story by Ima Erthwitch

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