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Ginseng in October by Madison Woods. Prints available.
My drawing of Ginseng in October. Prints available in our online shop.

Ginseng in Arkansas

We have blog posts with photos of ginseng in Arkansas, advice, and books about ginseng to help you find great ginseng habitat and encourage planting wild-simulated ginseng. Although our information is about ginseng and ginseng habitat in the Ozarks, the information applies to anywhere this amazing plant calls home.

Our nursery offers potted plants for specimens or re-establishing habitat. These can be picked up any time (in season) at the Wild Ozark (by appointment if not a scheduled “open” day).

If you have tips or links to articles you want me to add to this page, leave a comment and I’ll move them to the body of this page.

Click here for Regulations and Good Stewardship brochures from all ginseng producing states (FREE).

FREE Ginseng Articles From Wild Ozark™

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  2. Plants that Look Like Ginseng – “Look Alikes”
  3. What does a ginseng plant look like? (shows seedling, 2-, 3-, and 4-prong)
  4. 5 Ways to Tell if You Can Grow Ginseng in Your Backyard
  5. Ginseng and Wild Strawberry Comparison
  6. How to Grow Ginseng
  7. When and Where to Plant Ginseng
  8. Where NOT to plant Ginseng
  9. How to Find Ginseng
  10. 2014 Ginseng Root Prices
  11. 2015 Ginseng Prices
  12. Monster Ginseng Roots from Arkansas 2014
  13. Ginseng FAQ
  14. So How Does Ginseng Taste?
  15. Can’t Find Ginseng?
  16. Questing for Goldenseal (ginseng companion plant)

Stories and Ginseng Articles from other sources

Some of these links may be old or broken. If you find one that doesn’t work, leave me a comment and I’ll remove it if I can’t find the new link.

Ginseng Conservation Information

Books from Wild Ozark™

American Ginseng & Companions

This is my favorite of our books on the topic of ginseng. For color photos of ginseng and companion plants, you won’t find a better one out there. Of course, that’s my biased opinion and I’d love to hear what you think of it. This isn’t a “how to” book, but a celebration of the beauty of the plant and the habitat where it lives. Anyone who wants to learn to find ginseng will benefit from seeing these photos because it’ll help with recognizing habitat.

If you're always browsing ginseng articles looking for pictures of ginseng and other plants that live in the same habitat, American Ginseng & Companions by Madison Woods is for you.
A photo-filled book about American Ginseng and Companion Plants.

Other Books from Wild Ozark

A DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment Guide Cover for Sustainable Ginseng cover of Before the Unfurling, a photo book of ginseng companions cover photo for The Unfurling cover of Wild Ozark herbs

I also have another book out to show you the difference between the look-alikes and ginseng. Some of these photos are in my other books, but this book focuses only on these things and includes more information than the other chapters in the other books.

Ginseng Look-Alikes
The new edition of Ginseng Look-Alikes is now available in paperback format!

The book has several very good reviews and one terrible review. Of course, Amazon shows the terrible review first and it takes up most of the review space because the commenter was very detailed and even posted photos to demonstrate his complaint.

I took a lot of his issues to heart and rewrote the book. His complaints were valid and I did appreciate the time he took to make the comment. However, the placement of the review is killing my sales of that book. If you decide to take a chance on it, please leave a review if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, please email me and if it is something I can do something about, I’ll do what it takes to make it a better resource and refund your money if you were terribly dissatisfied.

Ginseng and Companion Plants

The Wild Ozark™ Nursery will be at the Kingston and Huntsville, AR farmer’s markets sporadically in 2017.

We will for the first time have a public facility open in May 2017 where you can come pick up your plants and tour the Ginseng Habitat Demonstration Garden. We can send bare-root plants by mail once the temperatures cool in fall, if there are any left to send.

Arkansas Ginseng Regulations

Other State’s Ginseng Regulations

As I run across these, I’ll post them here. If you have the link to one, post it in the comments and I’ll add it.

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