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Wild and Virtually-Wild (or Wild-Simulated) American Ginseng

This is the landing page for all things wild or virtually-wild American Ginseng at Wild Ozark and beyond into the great wide web.

Wild American ginseng

Ginseng in Arkansas

We have blog posts with photos of ginseng in Arkansas, advice, links to ginseng articles and books to help you find great ginseng habitat and encourage planting wild-simulated ginseng. Although our information is about ginseng and ginseng habitat in the Ozarks, the information applies to anywhere this amazing plant calls home.

Our nursery offers potted plants for specimens or re-establishing habitat. These can be picked up any time (in season) at the Wild Ozark Nature Boutique (by appointment if not a scheduled “open” day).

If you have tips or links to articles you want me to add to this page, leave a comment and I’ll move them to the body of this page.

Click here for Regulations and Good Stewardship brochures from all ginseng producing states (FREE).

FREE Articles From Wild Ozark™

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Stories and Articles About Ginseng from other sources

Some of these links may be old or broken. If you find one that doesn’t work, leave me a comment and I’ll remove it if I can’t find the new link.

Ginseng Conservation Information

Books from Wild Ozark™

American Ginseng & Companions

This is our latest release on the topic of ginseng. For color photos of ginseng and companion plants, you won’t find a better one out there. Of course, that’s my biased opinion and I’d love to hear what you think of it. This isn’t a “how to” book, but a celebration of the beauty of the plant and the habitat where it lives. Anyone who wants to learn to find ginseng will benefit from seeing these photos because it’ll help with recognizing habitat.

A photo-filled book about American Ginseng and Companion Plants.
A photo-filled book about American Ginseng and Companion Plants.

Other Books from Wild Ozark

habitat book cover image cover of Before the Unfurling, a photo book of ginseng companions cover photo for The Unfurling cover of Wild Ozark herbs

Ginseng and Companion Plants

The Wild Ozark™ Nursery will be at the Kingston, AR farmer’s markets sporadically in 2016. We don’t have a public facility, but will be happy to meet you with your orders in the Kingston, AR town square by appointment ($50 minimum order). We can send bare-root plants by mail once the temperatures cool in fall, if there are any left to send. Note: only a bloodroot and a goldenseal are left as of July 2016.

Arkansas Ginseng Regulations

Other State’s Ginseng Regulations

As I run across these, I’ll post them here. If you have the link to one, post it in the comments and I’ll add it.

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