2019 Ginseng Prices

Ginseng digging season doesn’t begin until Sept. 1, but people are already beginning to search for the answer to 2019 ginseng prices. So I went ahead and posted my yearly page devoted to this topic.

So, what are the prices?

The answer to this question won’t arrive until September. In the meantime, I’ll post forecasts from dealers and buyers and let the conversations begin in the comments.

If you’re thinking of digging early to get a jump on competition- don’t. Not only is it illegal, it’s not good for the survival of this endangered plant, and it’s not good for the quality of the medicine in the roots. A root is best dug after the tops have finished their work for the season. For ginseng, this occurs after the berries are ripe and the tops begin to die back.

2019 Ginseng Prices Page. A 3-prong ginseng in August, a bit worn for the wear.
A 3-prong ginseng in August, a bit worn for the wear.

2019 Ginseng Prices and Market Forecasts

If you’re a buyer, seller, or somehow involved in the trade of ginseng, I’d love to post your thoughts about the upcoming season. I suspect the current trade situation with China will affect it some, but that was already in place last year, too. Leave your post in the comments or email me at [email protected]

From Terry Manley (IN): I believe the market for fresh roots will be strong. In the $150 to $200 range. Dry roots will be speculation for a while but I predict the starting price to be conservative. My best guess, better sections in the $500 range. But I never advise sell dry roots early. You can find Terry on Facebook or through the Indiana DNR.

From Trevor Mills (AR-KY): My prediction for OZARK ginseng at this point.
Last year: The market was weak with a small rally at the end of season bringing dry up to $425/lb.
Currently: There are riots in Hong Kong… again. Which is where most wild American ginseng goes before making its way into main China through a multitude of channels. The entire Pacific rim is in an economic slump, as is most of Europe. Germany is a major player in Europe and they are on the verge of recession. Several large national level buyers are said to be sitting on hundreds to thousands of pounds of dry ginseng from last year, further depressing the market. I expect DRY OZARK ginseng to be very difficult to move unless it is very bulby, very well dug, well handled, and all around high quality. The fresh “green” market seems strong. With good demand…so far. However, with the dry market being weak I expect large wholesale buyers to be bargain shopping. The crazy weather we have had this year will be the wild card. Fall seems to be setting in early this year. That may mean a short harvest season driving prices up. Too many variables at this point. Stay tuned for more info as buying time approaches. You can find Trevor on Facebook.

Help with Identification

If you’re new to digging, you might want to double check the identity of the plants you’re planning to dig. I can’t tell you how many folks thought they had ‘tons’ of ginseng only to find out what they had was ‘tons’ of Virginia creeper.

Just so you know, I’m not a digger or a seller. I do sell ginseng and goldenseal seedlings to the local market in spring and bare root by mail order in fall.

Wild Ozark is the only certified ginseng nursery in Arkansas. Mostly, though, my interest in ginseng is in sharing the love I have for the fragile habitat these plants love to live in, in helping others be good stewards, and in offering information to those interested in re-establishing or identifying good habitat.

Previous Prices Pages

These are the pages for current and previous years:
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Leave a comment if you’re looking for a buyer/dealer, or have info on prices in your neck of the woods. Buyers, leave info on how to get in touch with you and a general location. If you’re a seasoned digger, share some wisdom with the newbies for how to keep this plant going for generations still to come:

15 thoughts on “2019 Ginseng Prices”

  1. Hello everyone, I’m Kali .
    So I’ve just came across this Ginseng harvesting Idea yesterday ! It was brought to my attention And I’ve been researching ever sense, I want to become a harvester but I’ve never even planted a flower and I don’t have the slightest idea where to begin . so hopefully you guys can help me make this journey a little easier and tell me step-by-step the things I need to do ! thank you so very much

    1. Hi Kali, you’ve got a lot to learn, lol. Ginseng is a plant with very specific growing requirements and some important legal rules about harvesting and selling. If you’re interested in wild-simulated or woods grown, I have a lot of information here on my website. A good starting point is this page: https://www.wildozark.com/ginseng-articles-and-headlines/ but I have no experience at all with growing it as a cultivated crop under shade or hoops.

      Depending on where you live, it may or may not be possible for you. If you have questions during your journey, feel free to ask. Also, if you’ve become interested because you think it’s a great way to make some quick money, you’ll be disappointed quick.

  2. Madison, the tariffs matter but the mess in Hong Kong is the big deal right now. The large majority of dried ginseng goes to HK for grading and distributing. I advise everyone to sell fresh or dry your roots and sell before December. Good luck to my digger and dealer friends.

    1. The events in Hong Kong hadn’t even occurred to me until I saw Trevor’s comment the other day. I can definitely see how that will influence how things go with dried!

  3. To the guy from Pa. that’s totally bs. Never happened. You’ve watched too much Appalachian outlaws.
    The market is shaky this year. Trade wars and protestors in HK will have a huge affect on prices. My best advice. Sell fresh and sell fast.

  4. I live in upstate NY , and new to all this , am inquiring for a friend who has some green ginseng — I’m looking to get current prices for my area as well as a possible buyer , can you help

    1. Hi, as far as I know, it’s not legal anywhere to have green ginseng right now. Season opens Sept. 1 here and everywhere else I know of. Your friend might ought to go plant that green ginseng back where he got it. If by some chance there is an earlier season for you, try searching for the plant board in your state. Usually each state has a list of buyers with contact info.

  5. Shawn showalter

    Last year in pa I know guys getting 700.00 a pound freshly dug and 1200.00 a pound dry I’m hoping its the same this year , I havent sold I. 3 years I’ve been transplanting all of it this will be my first year digging again since 16

  6. I live in Kent Ohio by the campus the rain did wonders for the plants here I don’t harvest I just love to watch them grow that and Golden seal good luck with the sang season

    1. I don’t harvest either, just observe and enjoy the habitats. Mostly all I’ve done this year is smash rocks and make paint, though, lol. We’ve had a lot of rain, too. Yesterday I went out to see if the berries had gotten ripe yet, and they did and have begun to drop. Deer ate quite a few tops, but left the berry stalks, so no big problem. The goldenseal seemed to do much better here this year than the ginseng. They enjoyed the rain more, I guess. Good luck to all who are digging, and be good stewards!

  7. I hope the price for gensing is good this year, I have been out hiking everyday for last month and have found a ton of big 4prongs. I think all the rain we got in early summer may have helped the seng this year. Boomer,W.V.

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