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List My Root- Classified Ads for Ginseng Diggers, Dealers, and Buyers


Wild Ozark Ginseng Classified Section

For a listing with photos and contact info on the current year’s ginseng prices page. There’s an example at the 2019 Ginseng Prices Page.

It’s always free if you just want to make a comment on the Prices pages and list your roots there. The $10 listing puts it up in the classified section on that page and allows you to include photos. I’ll leave it up until you let me know they’re no longer available. Next year starts a new prices page, and a new classified section, but last year’s pages will continue to show the listings for that year until you request them taken down.



  1. Add to cart and pay. It should not charge shipping or tax. If it does, I’ll refund that part.
  2. Email me your description and 3 photos. ([email protected])
    1. Description: how many roots (weight and/or count), age of roots, state you live in, whether they’re fresh or dried
    2. Contact info: state and email address or phone number, name (first name only is fine)
    3. Attach 3 good in focus photos to show your roots



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