2018 Ginseng Prices Page for Diggers and Dealers

2018 Ginseng Prices Page at Wild Ozark. Drawing is 'Ginseng in October' by Madison Woods. Prints available.
My drawing of Ginseng in October. Prints available in our online shop.

This is the 2018 ginseng prices page for diggers and dealers. These prices are not indicative of retail prices that consumers pay for wild American ginseng. If you are searching (as a consumer) for someone to sell you wild ginseng go to THIS page and I’ll refer you to a trusted seller with the proper licenses for domestic and/or international sales.

If you are a seller with proper licences and a concern for ginseng sustainability and would like to sign up for my retail referral program, email me.

2018-2019 Forecast

Lots of speculation this year with the Chinese and American Tariff squabbles going on. No one really knows how this will affect the export market this year. We’ll know more once the season opens and deals begin to firm up.

If you hear any news on this email me or comment below so I can update the page.

2018 Ginseng Prices

Nothing to post yet in this section. Prices won’t be firmed up until the season opens in September. If you hear any news on this email me or comment below so I can update the page.

Other Roots

While there’s nothing to post yet regarding ginseng prices, here’s some information on other roots that buyers buy before ginseng season starts. It’s not yet time to dig or sell ginseng, but ginseng buyers usually buy other things besides ginseng. Some of them buy furs and most buy an assortment of roots and botanicals.

If you buy other herbs and roots, send me the link to your page and I’ll list yours here too. It would be nice to get a good catalog of buyers from all around the ginseng-producing states.

Here’s a list of items currently being bought by Mills Ginseng (Trevor Mills). Click on the “See More” link to go to his post at Facebook to view the entire list.

I know that buyers buy herbs like this at this time of year because it depends on the market he is selling to and when they will buy from him. However, it’s not the best time of year to harvest the roots of any plants. If you are (or want to be) more than just a ginseng digger and want to branch out into supplying other botanicals, the best way to approach it would be to harvest all roots in the winter or fall. Except for ginseng it is legal to hold them until the following buying season for the other botanicals (often summer). It is not legal to hold ginseng from year to year without certifying the roots.

Why wait until fall to dig roots of other herbs too? Because the roots are more potent once the plant is finished using its energy on above-ground growth (leaves, flowers, fruit). Once the tops start dying back, the energy returns to the root in preparation to go dormant through winter. This is when it’s a good time to dig root herbs- while the energy is in the root.

31 thoughts on “2018 Ginseng Prices Page for Diggers and Dealers

    1. Two good certified ginseng buyers in the Knoxville area are Darrell at 865-457-2225 or Dexter at 865-705-8125. Give them a call.

  1. Looking for a buyer in upper central West Virginia near Clarksburg area, Plenty to grab up. Thanks Roger

    1. Hi Roger – I’ll bet someone find this and responds soon. There will be more posts as it gets closer to September. Good luck – but don’t sell it all. Just dig some and leave some of the old ones to keep reproducing 🙂

  2. Happy 2018 root diggers and dealers. Ginseng season is only 6 weeks away..Now is a great time to locate but please don’t dig. It will be there in September. .Goldenseal is at it’s best right now and the market is strong. Goldenseal herb is also in demand. Concerns about the tariff issues cloud the upcoming market for ginseng, but my sources tell me to start where last season ended. That could be a little over enthusiastic but my own personal feeling is that ginseng will not affected by tariffs anymore than it already is. The demand for fresh root is over the top. It once scared me, but I’m over that. I have no problem buying and holding fresh dug roots.
    I will be posting on this forum often, as will other dealers. I am not here to advertise, but more to advise. This is a great website. Best of luck to all. Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry! Thank you for being on standby for questions! Hopefully we’ll start getting some discussion going soon. Traffic to the page is beginning to pick up more as the season gets closer.

    2. Hi terry can you buy ohio ginseng from diggers i dig around 10 lbs a year and what are you paying for goldenseal i have 30 lbs and still digging. Thank you

      1. I get an Ohio license every year. So yes, I can buy Ohio roots. And I definitely want your goldenseal. I don’t want to post price here. You can email me, text me 574-275-2100, or friend me on fb and message me.
        email; [email protected] or [email protected]. Best to copy both email addresses. I have an Ohio base in Newark but travel the entire state often.
        Thanks for the inquiry.

    3. Terry can you dig goldenseal now? What is the price per pound for the roots and tops.You also say you are in Ohio, how close are you to Cincinnati Oh? TOM

  3. Hello I’m looking for buyers near Western Maryland. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. hi will ginsing have a cluster of green balls these are 3 leaves with the cluster.i can send pic if I its available to do.thank you, western ny west of bffalo ny

    1. Ed, I think you are seeing Indian turnip. However,ginseng berries will be green before turning red. The mature ginseng plant will always have 5 leaves.

  5. Hi im going to be looking for a buyer in ky that will want to buy from anywhere to 5-8 lbs of some good sized ginseng ..havent got yet but always good sized where I dig..have pics from 2017 to give an idea.

    1. So you already know where yours is tou just havent dug it up right?? How many pounds did you have last year??

  6. Has anybody else out there noticed that a lot of the GinSeng has no berries? My husband and I have our own land and we have been keeping an eye out for when the season comes in we have found several and most still have no berries is this normal?

    1. Hi Carla, thanks for mentioning this. My ginseng did poorly this year as far as putting on berries too. I think it was because we had a late freeze, even after the flowers were on, but now I can’t remember if the freeze was that late or I’m imagining it. But it looked like pollination was poor and the berries put on unevenly, if at all. We live in northwest Arkansas.

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