2018 Ginseng Prices Page for Diggers and Dealers

2018 Ginseng Prices Page at Wild Ozark. Drawing is 'Ginseng in October' by Madison Woods. Prints available.
My drawing of Ginseng in October. Prints available in our online shop.

This is the 2018 ginseng prices page for diggers and dealers, for discussions at the wholesale end of the market, straight from the ground. Don’t expect these prices for retail wild American ginseng. If you are searching (as a consumer) for someone to sell you wild ginseng go to THIS page and I’ll refer you to a trusted seller with the proper licenses for domestic and/or international sales.

New Digger Wants Advice

Would some of you more seasoned diggers or dealers give this homesteader some feedback about the roots she dug. Her comment is below:

i am a homesteader who has found 2 older large ginseng plants so I dug up the roots. they are beautiful but i need to know what they might be worth realistically. these are wild grown plants weighing 11 and 10 ounces each when dug Fri. they are at least 10 years old and have 5 prong leaves. thank you for any ideas on selling and worth. 

2018 Ginseng Prices

If you hear any news on this email me or comment below so I can update the page. Keep an eye on the comments below for prices updates.


179 thoughts on “2018 Ginseng Prices Page for Diggers and Dealers

    1. Two good certified ginseng buyers in the Knoxville area are Darrell at 865-457-2225 or Dexter at 865-705-8125. Give them a call.

    2. I have been a TN licensedGinseng buyer for 20 years. Today (9-1-18) we are paying $130 per pound for wild collected fresh dug, green unwashed Ginseng. MUST GRADE WILD and be small finger sized. Open everyday from noon till dark at 917 Nancy Shawl Rd., Dickson, TN Please note that whoever you sell to in Mid Tenn. they should have a Tenn. licensed and most important have a Tenn. Dept. of Ag. inspected scale. Jesse Anderson 615 446 5714.

      1. THis is the first time Ive dug ginseng roots on my property. I am finding some double and triple prong toots. Do I wash the roots before I sell it? Would I be better off selling fresh or dried?

        1. Dried- you can get $600 per lb dry compared to $14 per ounce green right now and prices can go up as he season progresses – goes up and down and varies year to year but there is a demand so prices are like to go up – a London KY dealer paid $1500 per pound dried two years ago

      2. I’ve got some very large ginseng for sell and trying to find a buyer near Grundy county Tn. Can you help out on this thanks

      1. Hi Ralph, here in Arkansas it’s the Arkansas State Plant Board that you have to go to for licenses, regulations, etc. You’ll need to look for something similar within your state. The hardest thing I think a buyer likely has to deal with, aside from all the paperwork and regulation, is finding someone to buy from and someone to sell to. Those two things are pretty critical.

  1. Looking for a buyer in upper central West Virginia near Clarksburg area, Plenty to grab up. Thanks Roger

    1. Hi Roger – I’ll bet someone find this and responds soon. There will be more posts as it gets closer to September. Good luck – but don’t sell it all. Just dig some and leave some of the old ones to keep reproducing 🙂

      1. Im in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and found a couple pounds on my property if you or anybody else is interested

      2. I’m in ky if you paying decent price I got around 20lbs green if interested no baby roots good roots can send you picture call or text 606-401-7071

      1. Jim, im coming from cleveland Ohio area, my property is in WV. Plus I am looking for someone who is willing to walk the property with me and collect what they would like..

        1. I would be great full to come with you and scout your property for seng.Im in North Central WV but will travel wherever need be?!Give me a shout?Robert 681-495-4185. Thanks

        2. I would be willing to help u dig if you have any on ya property my name is josh let me know asap I in nc at the moment

        3. Hello bud, my wife and I would possibly be interested in making the drive to you if your willing to take us? We’re both in our 50s so we’ve slowed down some but we love to get out in the woods. We are just learning how to to ginseng hunt.

  2. Happy 2018 root diggers and dealers. Ginseng season is only 6 weeks away..Now is a great time to locate but please don’t dig. It will be there in September. .Goldenseal is at it’s best right now and the market is strong. Goldenseal herb is also in demand. Concerns about the tariff issues cloud the upcoming market for ginseng, but my sources tell me to start where last season ended. That could be a little over enthusiastic but my own personal feeling is that ginseng will not affected by tariffs anymore than it already is. The demand for fresh root is over the top. It once scared me, but I’m over that. I have no problem buying and holding fresh dug roots.
    I will be posting on this forum often, as will other dealers. I am not here to advertise, but more to advise. This is a great website. Best of luck to all. Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry! Thank you for being on standby for questions! Hopefully we’ll start getting some discussion going soon. Traffic to the page is beginning to pick up more as the season gets closer.

    2. Hi terry can you buy ohio ginseng from diggers i dig around 10 lbs a year and what are you paying for goldenseal i have 30 lbs and still digging. Thank you

      1. I get an Ohio license every year. So yes, I can buy Ohio roots. And I definitely want your goldenseal. I don’t want to post price here. You can email me, text me 574-275-2100, or friend me on fb and message me.
        email; [email protected] or [email protected]. Best to copy both email addresses. I have an Ohio base in Newark but travel the entire state often.
        Thanks for the inquiry.

    3. Terry can you dig goldenseal now? What is the price per pound for the roots and tops.You also say you are in Ohio, how close are you to Cincinnati Oh? TOM

    4. Hi- I will be digging in WV, I know there are rules about age/size of the roots, have researched how to identify and dig, must sell to licensed dealer. I have never harvested before, some of the posts say to keep the neck and ancillary tails/roots attached. A few basic questions….
      do dealers want the leaves/stems attached? detached? or not at all?
      how do you keep the roots fresh between digging and delivery to a licensed dealer?
      Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!!

    1. Hey Terry I am a Dealer in Pike County Ohio so what are you Paying for Good Dry goldenseal Root. Per Pound. Jim Appalachian Ginseng Company Waverly OH. 45690

  3. Hello I’m looking for buyers near Western Maryland. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your service Sam. I am a navy vet. My friend Sang Smith from WV is an army vet, As is his brother Rudy. Hello America! This is us. We are you. My brother, John Manley retired after 32 years at the rank of colonel. My brother Hamilton served in viet nam. We are patriots. We stand for the pledge. We are not racist. We love all Americans,

      1. Love the vets here. Thank you for your service, too, Anonymous 🙂 My husband retired from the USAF after serving for 22 years, and he’s still working for the military now in support of the guys over in Doha.

  4. hi will ginsing have a cluster of green balls these are 3 leaves with the cluster.i can send pic if I its available to do.thank you, western ny west of bffalo ny

    1. Ed, I think you are seeing Indian turnip. However,ginseng berries will be green before turning red. The mature ginseng plant will always have 5 leaves.

  5. Hi im going to be looking for a buyer in ky that will want to buy from anywhere to 5-8 lbs of some good sized ginseng ..havent got yet but always good sized where I dig..have pics from 2017 to give an idea.

    1. So you already know where yours is tou just havent dug it up right?? How many pounds did you have last year??

  6. Has anybody else out there noticed that a lot of the GinSeng has no berries? My husband and I have our own land and we have been keeping an eye out for when the season comes in we have found several and most still have no berries is this normal?

    1. Hi Carla, thanks for mentioning this. My ginseng did poorly this year as far as putting on berries too. I think it was because we had a late freeze, even after the flowers were on, but now I can’t remember if the freeze was that late or I’m imagining it. But it looked like pollination was poor and the berries put on unevenly, if at all. We live in northwest Arkansas.

    2. Hey caria I am a Ginseng Dealer in Ohio and have a Patch that has already turned Yellow and have drop all of the Berries. Jim Appalachian Ginseng Company 740-635-8119. Plus I’m Paying $30 per Pound for Good clean Dry Yellowroot

  7. I’m in New Hampshire. Our winter runs later than ya’lls down south. Is it reasonable to expect flowering and berries to be more prevalent in September versus August?

    1. I’m surprised your winters run later than ours! But I supposed it could cause later flowering and berries. I know our other local plant blooms/fruit come on later than surrounding areas even right here because I’m in a little microcosm where the temps are sometimes cooler. But you should definitely at least have green berries by now.

    2. Oh, now I think I misunderstood what you meant about winters running later. They don’t begin later, but they last longer. But yes, I’d think that has to do with later flowering.

  8. Awesome Ronnie. I am heading there this wknd and will see if I have any red berries.
    Hopefully ill have something to lure you my way. LOL..

    1. Hi Andrew, I’d love to have some idea of the prices in the various areas. Would you mind posting a ballpark figure and your state, knowing it’s all subject to change and that isn’t a fixed price?

      1. The 2 dealers I have talked to in South Indiana one has a 525 starting price on his price list and the other has told me 550.00 sounds like it I going to be a good year.

  9. i am a homesteader who has found 2 older large ginseng plants so I dug up the roots. they are beautiful but i need to know what they might be worth realistically. these are wild grown plants weighing 11 and 10 ounces each when dug Fri. they are at least 10 years old and have 5 prong leaves. thank you for any ideas on selling and worth. i dont see any way to post images here.

  10. I live in north east Pennsylvania I’ve harvested 3 ounces dried wild ginseng some of the roots have 20 growth rings on the tops of them was wondering on prices and were I could sell them some what close to me (570) 250 – 9945 is my cell thank you

    1. Contact me when you are ready to sell. My contact info is on this site. I will direct you to another buyer if we cant get together.

      1. I also really need to find a fair, honest buyer too. I wont be able to provide you with as much as the other guy but I should have 5-6 lbs by Octobersb end at least thts what I am estimating from the scouting I have done this summer and not cunting what I come across going back to dig.What part of KY are you from? I am from Letcher County, but I am willing to drive a couple of hours if the price is right. Thank you so much for your time and help.

  11. Looking for honest licenced individual to come out to north central WV to walk and dig ginseng and mushrooms . I am out of state and would have to set up a time to meet you,

    1. Hey. If you’re for real, I’m looking for a good ol boy like me to improve my seng hunting skills here in east TN. Hit me up asap, please!!! Text, call 7702625137 Thanks, Jake.

  12. Looking for recommendation on a well respected and fair dealer in Western NY / Northern PA. Also looking to know what the current rates are for NY / PA this season? Thanks in advance for any input provided.

  13. Anyone know a good respectable dealer in Middle Tennessee somewhat close to Nashville Tn. Got done very large ginseng for sale

  14. Hi my name is joey and I found a pretty Large amount of ginseng this yr..Ive dug for over 25 yrs and this is most ive ever dug..have some good sized roots with yr stems some bigger than a hand..I have over 6-7 pounds. .I have the big separated from the smaller stuff..I want to find the best deal this yr ..I live in ky and if someone wants to see pics ive got plenty…

  15. Hi Madison.I usually see an idea of what people are actually getting for their root (not just dealer quotes).Not seeing muchbein posted along those lines this year.maby if I post what I’m getting in East TN others will post for their area.I got 250 a pound yesterday for a little above average green.was told 650 to 7 dry.western nc is at 230 avg and 275+ for above avg haven’t heard on dry there.I hope this helps get people to post prices in their area.thanks for the platform Madison.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Bob. I don’t dig, buy or sell, so I rarely have a good idea of what’s going for what where, lol. Since I always get a lot of traffic regarding ginseng at my website, I figured it would be a good place for everyone to share info. This page is entirely for all of you guys and gals out there in the woods 🙂 I’m in the woods, but mostly just looking and taking pics, haha.

  16. Looking for good respected buyer in eastern Kyle.I live in warily co key and the only buyer I could find only wanted to give me 50lb wet and 200 lb dry.I won’t dig anymore for that.If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated

  17. Looking for respectable buyer around clarksville tn got a few pounds of dry and same green but not selling unless price is right

  18. Prices around Lake Cumberland area Kentucky started out at $500#. I barter a lil each week and give 30 an oz in hopes that prices jump.

    1. Hi i live in the lake Cumberland area. I have an oz at the moment, and have a lot more area to dig on. Wher are you located so i can get a hold of you. Looking for a buyer, so i can keep up with the prices. Thanks!

    1. I am looking for some wild ginseng for my own consumption. I live in Chicago area. Please tell me more about your wild ginseng and price. Must have all legal documents.

    1. I was curious if anyone is having any luck finding ginseng in northeast Alabama? I have been in the woods 4 times and haven’t had any luck.

  19. Looking for a ginseng buyer in southern West Virginia. All quality roots and I’m not giving them away like most buyers want around here.

  20. Terry Manley
    North Webster,In

    Wanting fresh or dry ginseng and goldenseal. I pay more than any prices I’ve seen on here.
    Licensed in Ohio and Indiana.Text me for more information

    1. I’m currently located in west union illinois. I have no drivers license to deliver the ginsang approximately .206 lb that i currently have. If u are interested in buying any please do contact me. I should have more roots soon I do have a ginseng license so if you could please just get back ahold of me at 217-251-0183. Thanks and hope to hear back soon

    1. I can pay a little more if good quality. I want but it for my own use but I just bought a dealer license in case my friends want it.

      Anyone has dry ginseng desires to sell, Please contact me:

      [email protected]

      Cell 8159191310

  21. Hi I am a consumer and looking for some fresh or dried wild ginseng, Any offers? please contact me. I live in Greater Chicago area.

  22. I’m a digger got in into digging sang a few years back to get out.of house and.see nature more but it’s getting harder each year to sell what u dig I live in eastern KY and would love to have a buyer that doesn’t just want it for nothing it takes a lil to climb and dig it so why just give it to them thx hope all a safe and a good season this weather (rain) can make or break u all it’s looking like is the roots r absorbing all it can and when u dry it u have notta js if there was a buyer I’d sale it wet but I love to sell and.watch it dry also

  23. Been doing good in central Kentucky. Found over a pound of green seng in about 3 or 4 hours today and still got alot more to dig. Also finding snake root and yellow root. Think ginseng is going for $500.00 and snake root $90.00 a lb. Not sure about yellow root.

  24. Rochelle your ginseng is. 40 to60 year old been digging for40 year biggest root5 1/2 oz 72 berrys45 year old your roots are pretty

  25. Hi I have about 15 lbs of ginseng..about 25 as big as my hand ..need find a buyer in SE ky..and wondering what prices aee for the wild ginseng. .any help be appreciated. .

  26. I’m currently located in west union illinois. I have no drivers license to deliver the ginsang approximately .206 lb that i currently have. If u are interested in buying any please do contact me. I should have more roots soon I do have a ginseng license so if you could please just get back ahold of me at 217-251-0183. Thanks and hope to hear back soon

  27. Tn is at 280 and up for green and 800+ for good dry. North Carolina is 300 and up for green and I’ve heard as high as 1100 dry from somebody that sold it for that.hearin 900+ from dealers

  28. Looking for a buyer here in P.A…. I’m close to wv state line… .. Got around 600 roots drying… Usually take them to the trading post in uniontown PA but not sure he’s payin top price and I’ve got some nice roots this t…. Looking for a another buyer around swpa… Any info would be appreciated you can text me at 878 379 4037… Thanks

  29. Looking for dealers in W. VA area that sells fresh wild ginseng as well as dried ones. I use them for herbal medicine. Please text me 213-568-5361

  30. Hello everyone. Found a ton of ginseng this season. By the time it’s dead and done with, I think I’ll have close to 11-12 pounds dry. Probably have around 8-9 dry right now. Best buyer I’ve found is $650 and my local buyer is $600. If you can beat these prices, let me know.

  31. Hello everyone!
    My father lives in southeast Missouri and has a few lbs of dried ginseng to sell. His previous buyer has moved and he is looking for someone new to sell too. Do any of you know of someone with in a few hours of SE MO? Thank you so much!

  32. Hi, I’m looking for a buyer near Ashland ,Ohio. And also does anyone know what ginseng is going for in Ohio? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Pices still climbing on dry.upper east tn is at 850+ for good root .top grade will bring a little better.nc prices on dry are $950average up to $1500 for big roots.usually doesn’t top out til a week or so before thanksgiving.what are prices in your area?good luck to all with your sales this year.

  34. I have a half pound I’m needing to sale didn’t get to go much this year. I live in Dade county Ga just south of Chattanooga. I’m having a hard time finding anyone close to sale it to. It’s dried by the way. If anyone can help let me know.

  35. Warner’s herbs in Crossville TN is buying for $650 for dry. Looks almost worth to travel for a little more.

  36. So my dad is a trucker and gets this stuff by the kilo every time he goes to west virginia. i dispatch him (i am a truck dispatcher) to the east coast like CT, then we’d work down to say about VA, then get a load back up to N J (but during this process stop by a dealer in west virginia to get the ginseng) and then go home from there. this is a tues-fri process (not including the first trip to CT which is mon-tues, tues on is what im talking about) – anyways, we have alot of the dried stuff for sale. i have from west virigina department of agriculture i believe it is that the ginseng i have is 100% NATURAL AND WILD!!! had a couple kilos dry and a couple kilos live, some are live if you wish to have live ginseng, and some we are drying this very moment. i am open for negotiation but i am not taking 50$ for a certified wild root. if you have 200-500$ we can talk about how much in weight of DRY AND LIVE WILD GINSENG FROM WEST VIrginia you want. i have pictures of the product, and the picture of authenticity. can show you what we’re doing with alot of the ginseng as well (slowcooker – 1lb of gingsng slow cooked for 24 hrs to get all nutrients out – lowest simmer possible and is ginseng tea good with water) and (alcohol tons of it, biggest bottles you can find, about 4 750mL of your finest vodka grey goose into a container add about 4 good size live ginseng roots and your vodka will be the BEST YOU’VE EVER HAD, SPECIAL OCCASION, AS IT TAKES YEARS.) this is korean tradition, as roots over there go for about $2000-$20,000 each. it’s nearly that here, though i am NOT selling my roots for $20 each, I can get you 5 for 250 as a special deal. they are huge and rings will show they are extremely aged min 20 years. my email is [email protected]

    1. Hi David, I’m assuming you do have a license and can certify these roots for anyone buying across state lines? If you’re buying by the truckload, surely so, but just making sure.

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