Where Can I Buy Wild American Ginseng?

If you’ve been wondering where or how you can buy wild American ginseng for your personal use, I can help you with that. I’m happy to connect you with ethical, responsible retailers who care about the plight and future availability of our endangered wild ginseng.

Buy wild American ginseng?

US and International

I connect buyers to sellers I know to be concerned about sustainable practices with harvesting. Use the form below or go to the “Contact Me” tab in the menu to ask for a referral. Right now I am working with two licensed suppliers:

  • Bat Cave Botanicals for wild ginseng from North Carolina
    • ships dried wild ginseng anywhere in the United States anytime of the year.  Only dry roots are available at this time.
  • Western Wild Ginseng for wild ginseng from the Ozarks
    • ships internationally and United States, but only between the months of September through April. He cannot ship between April to September. Only dry roots available.

Fill out the form below if you’d like me to refer you to either of these two sellers, or you can contact them directly yourself.

Local to northwest AR

I work with two generational diggers I know personally to supply small local orders (up to 1 lb at a time) of guaranteed sustainably harvested fresh wild American ginseng.

Because our quantity is very limited, we only sell to select customers who can pick it up from the Wild Ozark booth at the Downtown Rogers Farmers market in Rogers, AR, or by appointment at the habitat garden in Kingston, AR.

We only sell it by pre-order, paid in advance, and only for local pick-up. It is available between September and early October, but orders must be arranged ahead of time.

It takes sometimes more than a day for two people working together to dig a pound if they’re being selective and digging in a way that doesn’t overharvest the old plants or injure smaller plants in the digging vicinity.

Use the contact form below the image (it may not display on small readers and phones). If the form isn’t showing up for you, contact me by emailing madison at wildozark dot com or going to the “Contact Me” tab in the menu for information on how to get in touch.

Wild American ginsengWild Ozark is pleased to help you find a place to buy Wild American ginseng from responsible sellers.