Where Can I Buy Wild American Ginseng?

Notice – all of the sellers I work with are out of ginseng for the season. Check back in Sept 2018 or fill out the form below and leave me a note to let you know when they’re back in stock.

Wild Ozark is the place to make connections so you can buy wild American ginseng.

Want to buy wild American ginseng?

I’m happy to connect you with ethical, responsible retailers who care about the plight and future availability of our endangered wild ginseng.

I can also connect you with growers and sellers of woods-grown and field-cultivated. Use the form below to get in touch.

 Be sure to specify what you want and how much you’re intending to buy so I can connect you with the best source for your needs.

US and International

Some sellers can only ship domestically, and some can ship internationally. Some can sell year round and some only during the period between September and April.

Once you send in the form, based upon the information you provide, I’ll refer your request to my network of contacts until we find what you need.

You can also fill out the form to ask if I know of any other suppliers for your special requests.

Local to northwest AR

I work with generational diggers I know personally to supply small local orders of guaranteed sustainably harvested fresh wild American ginseng.

Our quantity is very limited.  No shipping outside of Arkansas. Also can be picked up here at Wild Ozark in Kingston, AR.

We only sell it by pre-order, paid in advance, and only for local pick-up. It is available between September and early October, but orders must be arranged ahead of time.

I also have connections for woods-grown and field-cultivated.

Use the same form below to let me know what you’re seeking and I’ll try to find a seller who can meet your needs.

Get in Touch

Use the contact form below the image (it may not display on small readers and phones). If the form isn’t showing up for you, contact me by emailing madison at wildozark dot com. You can also go to the “Contact Me” tab in the menu for social media links.

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