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Wild Ozark Coffee Club

Do you love coffee?

We love fresh-roasted coffee! It smells so good while it’s roasting and then again when we grind the beans. The aroma wafting through the kitchen as it brews is yet another layer of deliciousness to savor. Join our coffee club to enjoy it too!

Join our Coffee Club!

Join our Wild Ozark Coffee Club: 1 pound of Organic, Fair Trade whole bean, fresh-roasted.  Free shipping$20/month. US residents only. See details in the post below.


Way Better than Grocery Store Coffee

Nothing compares to the beans we’ve roasted and brewed from our green coffee supplier. The experience is completely different and far more flavorful and aromatic than any coffee we’ve ever tried from the grocery store.

Our favorite Variety

Peru Aprocassi has become our regular stand-by.  A rich, smooth chocolate aroma when grinding and the smooth complex flavor once brewed has given it the position of honor on our shelf. It is Fair Trade AND Organic.

Each month you’ll get 1/2 pound of this.

Our coffee is roasted outdoors and winnowed in the wind.
Our coffee is roasted outdoors and winnowed in the wind.

So Many Other Varieties

But just because we love the Aprocassi doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy trying new varieties. There are so many to choose from!

That’s why I decided to start a coffee club. Maybe you’d like to see what else is out there in the world of coffee.

Each month you’ll get 1/2 pound of the new variety. And 1/2 pound of the Aprocassi.

We roast to a full medium to bring out the flavor of this delicious bean.
We roast to a full medium to bring out the flavor of this delicious bean.

Whole Beans

You’ll still need to grind the beans, but the grinding is half of the pleasure of drinking coffee. A whole bean stays fresh and locks in the flavor much longer than coffee grounds.

When you grind just before brewing, you’ll experience the incredible world of coffee aromas that you just can’t get from sniffing a bag of grounds. The scent lingers but dissipates quickly.

Two Varieties each Month

Each month, if you join the club, you’ll get 1/2 pound of Peru Aprocassi and 1/2 pound of the variety of the month. I’ll pick something new each month and start over when we’ve exhausted the possibilities.

That way if you join once I’ve gotten started, you’ll eventually get to try the ones you missed the first time around.

All coffees will be whole bean, medium roast, Fair Trade and Organic. If both Fair Trade and Organic isn’t an option, I’ll lean in favor of Organic only. The Peru Aprocassi is both Fair Trade AND Organic.

How Much does it Cost?

$20/month. Shipping is free. Open to only 10 members at this time, US residents only.

Why Join the Wild Ozark Coffee Club?

  • No worries, no effort, no stress!
  • It’s fun!
  • It’s like getting a gift to yourself each month!

Get a monthly supply of the most delicious coffee on earth plus a new taste and aroma to sample, too.

Join anytime. Cancel your coffee club membership at anytime. No fees for cancelling.

Sure you can shop for your own green beans, roast them yourself and save some money. A Coffee Club isn’t going to offer much for you if that’s what you want to do.

But if you don’t want to have to go through the trouble of thinking about it and then following through on it, this is an easy way to broaden your coffee horizons.

Join By Clicking the Subscribe Button Below

If you don’t want to join a monthly subscription, you’re welcome to try our roasted Aprocassi by ordering a pound through the online shop.


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