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Prints of my bald eagle painting.

Bald Eagle Artwork

“Proving Her Mettle”

My original watercolor art is painted using pigments I’ve foraged and processed by hand. If you like art that can also be a conversation piece, or want to display works of art unlike run-of-the-mill prints you can find elsewhere, click the button to order your print or note card today.

Original Art, Prints and note cards featuring an American bald eagle

About the Artist

Madison Woods is an artist and paintmaker from Kingston, Arkansas.
Author/Artist Info
In the summer of 2018 I began making watercolor paints from the rocks, clay, and other resources of our land here in the Ozarks. My artwork is made exclusively with these paints. I call them Wild Ozark Paleo Paints, because they’re made in a way very close to the same way paints were made when man first put a handprint on the wall of a cave. My specialty is painting nature, specifically the nature that surrounds me here in the remote hills of northwest Arkansas.

My Portfolio is at MadisonWoods.art

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