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Whole Pigment Rocks | Ozark Pigments


If you don’t have good rocks but want to make a little paint, I’ve got you covered!

Sets of whole pigment rocks so you can make your own paints from Wild Ozark rocks. Each set is $10 but the shipping for each has been built into the price for US addresses. If you’re ordering from outside the US, please email me ([email protected]) so I can give you an invoice with applicable shipping.

As new sets are collected, they’ll be added to this listing. Each set has a corresponding image below. You’ll need to use this image if you want to match your rocks to the colors of their scrapes. The rocks look a lot different once they’re dry, so you’ll need to go by shape and size to differentiate. Or just grind them up and make rubs with the powder to see the potential paint colors.

The resulting paint colors are not always identical to the scrapes or rubs. But usually they’re close. Have fun!


This is an offer for fresh pigment rocks from the creek here at Wild Ozark. You can crush them and make your own paint pigments. They’ll ship to you by first class USPS mail. You’ll need to use the image in this listing to determine which rock is which, based upon the shape. Once the rocks dry, they look a lot different, except for the shape. The smallest in the set is shown in the palm of my hand for a size reference.

How to Make the Paint

If you’re new to paint-making, I have a tutorial on how to make the paint and the watercolor media right here on this website. You’ll find the pages linked below. There are more advanced techniques to make better paint, but the tutorials will give you a good introduction on the basic steps involved.

How to Make Media

How to Make Paint

Whole Pigment Rocks

The sets will be added here as I collect them. Each one is given a unique number, so when you’re trying to figure out which rock makes which color scrape, you can use these photos as reference. Look at the shape and size of the rock. In each set I’ll show you the smallest one in my hand so you can get a reference for size.

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