Blood of the Ozarks Driftwood Palette

$100.00 $100.00.

7 colors, including the rare Fresh Earthy Blood. 5 mini-cubes and 2 balls mounted on a unique and artistic piece of Ozark driftwood. When you’re finished with one color, simply glue a replacement on with hot glue. Over time, the pigments give the wood an interesting character.

Smaller sets with similar colors will arrive in the shop in December 2019.

Free shipping to US addresses. Email for a quote if you’re outside the US.

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

A collection including combinations made from one of my rare pigments from a small red stone found in the King’s river. Earthy Blood, Fresh Earthy Blood, and Bloody Yellow! all contain different levels of True Blood, one of the rarest local colors I make.

True Blood is not available for sale at this time. Since I have so little of it, that one remains in my personal stock. I feel a bit like a dragon guarding my jewels when it comes to this one. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to forage enough to make more soon! Then I’ll share 🙂

In the meantime, you can get one of only two cubes of Fresh Earthy Blood on this collection. I’ll have it with me at the Heart of Rogers Craft show in a few weeks. Look for it there, and let me know if you’re coming! The price on this set will be $100. Smaller sets coming soon, but they won’t include that shade of Fresh Earthy Blood.

All colors in this set are earth pigments and light fast.


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